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The Smartest Kid in the Class:


Will get some wrong on purpose so others won’t fail.

 They will want others to succeed even at the cost of not having a perfect exam.  My colleges professors would quite often set the grade to how many I missed on my exams. Whichever questions I missed the teacher would automatically count that question right for everyone.  The students would get quite mad at me when I made 100% and all else failed.  I thought this was unfair to my college mates who were paying for an education just like me. I felt slight guilt because I never opened my text-book and they were cramming like crazy. I thought it only fair that I miss at least 3 questions on a hundred question Anatomy and Physiology exam on purpose.  This way I still get an A and peers get fair chance to pass. I reckon even the professor  felt pity because he made another rule to throw out one exam of your choice.  I made A  on every exam so I had none to throw out. So he was nice and said I could clep the final with an A in the class.  Thank God because day of the finals I don’t think I had any gas in my tank. Well since I made this bargain with my A&P professor,  I also asked my college algebra teacher the same question. He had made the same rule that you  could throw out one exam. Also in his class on one test students were  allowed to use one notecard with anything you want on it. I made A on every exam. I always did homework 10 minutes between taking my children to school and time for me to leave for college.  I would sleep in class on the back row because I already understood what the work was for that day.  I did not want to interrupt class in any way hoping that everyone of those students would get the teacher’s point and we could all get through college algebra.  I really enjoy math I was really pondering the idea of taking college trigonometry.  The Algebra proffessor told me that I had an A and did not have to take the final exam.  I really want people to understand math. It helps with critical thinking skills. You can solve problems lots of different ways but some ways are shorter than others.  How to get from point a to point b the quickest way most efficiently with the highest probability of success. My son told me one time at the bus stop when he was 7 years old that ” mom sometimes the quickest route is to zigzag and not a straight line.” We were walking on a straight line on the parking lot. I was so confused does not take much for me lol.  He said see mom and started coming towards me like a basketball player giggling then he gave another illustration of a piece of paper he folded it in a zigzag shape like a fan then smashed it shut and said see the zigzag got there faster than the straight line.


Sleeps when everyone else is trying to catch up.

 Will show up unless there is no gas in the tank.

If you don’t show up you definitely have no chance no matter how smart you think you might be.

 Will keep their text books in the trunk so they can resale them for that gas money.

You must have a plan for success on how you’re gonna get there.  Selling my text books gave me money for the gas to drive the 30 miles one-way to college from my subsidized apartment built-in a circle where everyone on the porch had no money and played pittypat for change.


 Will not have to take a final exam and get some days off.

 Has no study buddies because they don’t study.

Which is way cooler than it sounds. I took my daughter to every little league cheerleader practice, every baseball game, taught her to do a cart-wheel even though I have never cartwheeled myself, taught her the baton, had dance and hair parties with all her friends in my living room.

 Listens to directions that way they don’t waste time reading them.

 Does not realize anything is hard for others to understand you have to tell us.

 I don’t even realize something is easy. I never took an ACT exam in highschool because I was dead set in my belief I would have failed it.

 When the smartest kid in class says yes I understand believe them.

The smartest kid in the class might have been beat to understand.

 I have no genetics of smartism. I was adopted. I am half dutch and half mexican. My dad whom adopted me is one-quarter german. My college algebra classmate once told me that my father was the smartest nuclear physicist he had ever met. See that classmate worked alongside my father, Toxic Chemical Material Handler Leader, at the Pine Bluff Arsenal.  lol I thought that was way funny. My dad only has sixth grade education. He was forced to quit school to help his family of 12 sibling out on the farm.  He joined the marines at age 17 gained GED.  Served in Marine Corps 24 years, retired after 20 then was called back for four years oversees to Vietnam.  He won silver star award.  During combat, he grabbed a bomb in the nick of time , threw it away from his comrades and saved them.  I was six when he retired from the marines. He then worked twenty years for the Pine Bluff Arsenal.  Then he continued to work for contracted companies doing the disposal work  of toxic chemicals untill age 74.  The man does not know what a noun or a verb are.  He told me he did not have to know because his lab top has spellcheck. He types with one finger and one of his projects was to write the manual (thousands of pages) on how to dispose of the chemicals, protocols etc…, He  invented tools that he can never get credit , because he works for government, to use to dispose of some of these chemicals. Well I said all that to say my dad is very smart man. And I wonder if he was beat to understand as a child like I was by my mother? My mom would always beat me with my dads marine corp belt on the hind end stating over and over at the top of her lungs do you understand me?  Me whole time saying yes I understand and balling my eyes out.  Please listen to the children and never abuse them, hitting them crushes their self-esteem. If I had not been beat, I probably would of could of took and aced the ACT.  When I finally came out of my shell age 19, two years out of highschool I decided to give it a try. I was living on my own since age 17.  I partied all night still slightly buzzed next day while taking the exam. I missed a fully paid scholarship by 2 lousy points.  Sometimes I don’t understand why I am the smartest in the classroom and do the stupidist shiz out of the classroom.