Thoughts in the mind of l0oree

My Resume:

I am currently a Registered Dialysis Nurse.  I enjoy saving lives. I have experience with acute and chronic. I am interested in a full-time position in management.  Location preferably in a springtime climate but would consider any location.

Work experience:

May 15, 1988 to 1991 full-time nanny to niece and nephew-  I loved this job the most of any job ever.

pay 70$ per week plus room and board.

1988 to 1989

 County Market

  Main Street

  Pine Bluff, AR

 position: cashier, pay minimum wage 5.50 per hour,  I enjoyed the job was only part-time they would work me only 30 hours per week and it was dangerous.  Many rapes, murders stabbings happened in that parking lot.  I would always have the officer guard on duty walk me to and from my car. 

1988 to 1989

Mid South Adjustment Co. (collection agency)

position: Secretary, I was mainly in charge of the whiteout, changing the addresses on the millions of non-paid bills

I enjoyed this job also was only part-time though only 30 hours per week.  Slightly dangerous outraged bill recipients would come up to the bullet proof window  on occasion.



The Ray Clinic of Chiropratic

position: Chiropratic Assistant, front desk, scheduling, dictation, therapy, x-ray developer, painting, cleaning

This was my first full-time job ever I loved it except it was owned by my cousin.  Never work for relatives they expect you to do everything for nothing in return.  Pay was salary 142 dollars a week. Most weeks worked like 60 hours.  Cousin even had me working when the office was closed and he was away at a seminar changing light bulbs and painting.

1989 to 1990

Senator Knox Nelson position Secretary, dictation,I went everywhere the Senator went to write down whatever he wanted written down. Some times did errands for one of his two companies Knox Nelson Oil Company or Arkansas Marketers. Errands included anything from picking up a 70,000 dollar check from a broker to getting paper to making coffee to taking his car to the car wash. This job ended when Senator Knox Nelson did not get re-elected.


1990  various jobs:  Sonic Drive In, Furniture store that was going out of business for real, Telemarketer, JCPenny make up department, then finally Certified Nursing Assistant

1990 to 1993 Gardner’s Nursing Home

                             Star City, Ar

I loved this job. I found my calling. I knew from this job I was going to become a nurse. While working there I had my first child. I found out I was pregnant on my 21st birthday same day I received my acceptance of pell grant in the mail for college.  I threw the pell grant in the trash and had my baby girl continued to work the job I loved.  The next year I enrolled in Practical Nursing School. I married during spring break of that year.   Two weeks after marriage husband lost job. I quit nursing school and the job that I loved and went to work at

1993 to 1998   Burlington Industries

 position: inspector, I inspected scatter rugs for quality and prepared them for shipping, I also did the prestock. I was responsible in coordinating all departments to speed up making the rugs already sold.

pay:8.50 an hour most pay I ever made in my life up till then.  Well husband never obtained job in five years. I supported my family.  I asked hubby why no job? He stated that there was no day-care for the children at the hour he would have to be at work so I quit.

1998 to 1999  housewife, mother- the best job ever created

1999 to 2000 Pathology Associates

                              contracted to FDA National Center for Toxilogical Research

position: Lab Technician Trainee,  performed necropsy on rats and mice and prepared them for histology, on the job training, this job was way cool.  I quit because my family moved 100 miles away. I drove it for a few weeks but that got old quick.

 housewife again for a short period then divorce and full-time mom and college student 2000 to 2004

2004 National Park Community College

             Practical Nursing Certificate

2004 Oauchita Regional Dialysis Center the coolest job ever working with the most amazing people ever

2005 Gardendale Nursing Home while continuing to work dialysis on Saturdays while attending college full-time during summer semesters

2006 National Park Community College

             Associate Degree of Nursing

2006 quit my dream job because it paid too little was only making 12 and hour to save a life so I went  traveling making twice that amount





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  1. Ho Doreen! I clicked on your Blog Surfer widget, so you are temporarily #1! I noticed you subscribed twice to Daisybrain. Would you like me to eliminate one of the subscriptions?


    July 25, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    • I would like them both please. They are two accounts the first one Doreen Van Assen before my blog. The second one l0oree the account with the blog. I don’t know how to merge the two together.

      July 25, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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