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Archive for October 23, 2011


I am an open book read by all.

No one gets the same message

But there is something for anyone

That wants to read or listen

Or just look at the pictures.

Mystery comedy drama  action.

I  reflect myself most of the time

Because I tend to choose my own path

And stare at my face in the mirror more than others.

Try the most part to mold my self

Into my role  model .

To be who I most want to be like.

Find myself that I love so

Then I can see clearly some  love in everybody.

Next,  I find the good of others.

I choose to reflect  the good in others.

And continue til I am a giant reflection of goodness

Starting  with myself

Then looking to others and mirror the good.

Now able to reflect back even more love and happiness a continuous cycle  of love.