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By Daughter Sabrina Vinson—–I am so happy for her to be my daughter

Instilling Excellence
            When you work in a retail store, your number one goal is to give customer satisfaction. In order to help each guest to the fullest extent, requires work starting with the big, most important aspects all the way down to the small aspects that usually get over-looked. Most of the time, it is easy to come to work as an average person and fit-in with the rest of the team by not truly caring about the small things. That is a decision that can make or break your sale. As a mentor, a manager, or whatever  your role is.  Whether  in business or as a teacher or coach or something else in the future-excellence is something you should always strive for but is hard to instill. It is hard to teach or coach because excellence is a choice and an attitude.
            Excellence is so elusive that  Webster’s Dictionary breaks its own rule and uses the root word in the definition, and excellence is basically just that-excelling. It is being “exceptionally good,” or having “superiority.” It is merely insinuated, however it is something carried out all the time by the word “characteristic.” That means it is part of who you are and it defines you.
            When you carry such characteristic, you decide ahead of time that you are going to come to work and work harder than the average person. Making a decision to care about the small things is beyond what you can imagine. It means when you are looking for a size in the back for someone you are looking for it as if you were looking for it for yourself. It means you treat your store like it is your own. The small things matter to you so much that even the dust bunnies bother you because they represent you and your team and your commitment to cleanliness. It means you scrape stickers off of the floor. You want to help every single guest to the best of your ability, every time, even if they just want a tank top. When you re-stock you go through and check for sizes and thoroughly search in the back and not simply glance. It is going above and beyond and then a little more every time. You can see the big picture, but still do the small things right. It sets you apart, and may always set your company apart.
            Excellence is the difference between being committed and interested. An effective analogy to consider would be the next time you sit down to breakfast with bacon and eggs at the table. Who cared more about you breakfast-the chicken or the pig? The chicken simply laid an egg and went about its day. The pig gave his life so you could eat well. Be a pig.
            If all you learn during your time of employment as a salesperson is how to excel in excellence, then you have succeeded the company you work for and made a difference in your life. This means your company is not a clothing store serving people, but it is a people store serving clothes. If excellence is the mindset that you grasp while you are there and you choose to stay, then it will be the mindset that gets you where you want to go.