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Week One Discussion “My Brain” 11/20/2011

I believe my left cortex is used slightly more than my right due to I am right-handed. I do more things physically with my right side than my left side. The right side of my brain is always thinking about the artistic beauty in every thing that my left side is doing logically.

My hippocampus is used a lot quickly without me even being aware most times due to I can memorize quickly and learn new task fast. I can walk into a clinic as charge for the first time and by the 2nd hour know every patients’ name in the building although for some reason have not a clue about the workers’ names. My mind tends to categorize what is the most important thing at the moment to remember and do first.

My occipital lobe works to make up for the wrong shape of my eyeball. Even with the astigmatism, at times I see better without my glasses. My occipital lobe is always searching to make sure I see things correctly. I have a photographic memory. My mind can remember everything in my cluttered room, and I can assure you if one little thing is touched or moved in the slightest my mind recognizes the adjustment.

I use the temporal lobe more so than occipital without even being aware due to I am an auditory learner. I read out loud even to myself at times due to this. I can listen to television, listen to music, and converse at the same time. I do so much listening that others perceive me most times as not paying attention. When in reality my brain is taking in more than they can ever imagine.

My pons works overtime due to I have only had 6 dreams in my life that I can remember on awakening.  I am solving in my sleep so no need to remember. Although, one vivid dream that I had that awakened me from deep sleep had me crying due to no way for me to solve. It was a vivid dream of Africa and thousands of people bleeding from all orifices of their body. I was so frightened from the dream I could not go back to sleep, went to the living room, and turned on the television.  What I was dreaming about was on the late night news special report of the eboli virus in Africa. This was 1995, 9 years before nursing school.

My cerebellum is always trying to co-ordinate my movements and struggles when having reaction to medication that causes parkinsonian symptoms. I have to literally think to take one step at a time in that situation. After that experience, cerebellum will never be taken for granted.

Lastly but definitely not the least important, my medulla does so much all the time that the rest of my mind never even has to think about what it’s doing. Breathing and blood pressure are automatic.

The brain is amazing. So intriguing, something about the unknown of the how we know things I desire to want to know more.  The part of our body that does the most, controls our thoughts, movements, behavior is the part of our body we know the least about.

reference:!/view.aspx?cid=B5DCEF1F8F2240A0&resid=B5DCEF1F8F2240A0%21107  This is all the whole board of discussion names left off but the responses with the grades on them are mine.


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