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Discussion Assignment 3B

This is my disscussion 3B this week.  This stuff is very interesting to me.  I was on my computer that does not have the word when I did it. So I copied it to my WordPress so I could then copy it to my Word on my son’s computer and upload it to the live.. Then I accidently already pushed publish on here lol. But here is the link to the copy of the assignment.  click here

I am learning so many new terms and amazing things about how my mind creates a behavior through senses. Bottom up senses are extremely important to how the first time you sense things. The brain stores this information in memory and associates with certain stimuli each time. There are two known ways to train your mind to associate with certain stimuli. Classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

Classical conditioning is pairing a neutral stimulus with a natural stimulus. After doing this the brain percieves that the neutral stimulus will elicit the same condition therefore will cause the same response as the natural stimulus. This is amazing and makes me think about infants in there first responses to stimuli.  I remember back in the 1980s something about babies do not realize the lightswitch turns on the light. There mind will associate possibly that there blink or smile or cough or etc….that so happens when the light is turned on is what turned it on. These bottom up senses are what create the real/imagination. O my I could go on and on this is so amazing to me everything about the mind and how we learn, behave is so interesting. I had seen this on Good Morning America back then. I was a live in babysitter at the time. So I made sure my neice and then my babies later played with a light switch so much they knew it is what turned on the light.

I was never allowed to touch a light switch until I was old enough to reach one and then in trouble if I did not turn it off when I left a room. I notice the caregiver never turned off the light. Like she herself was scared of the dark.  Anyways my mom has said to me so many times since childhood up to even now in my adult years that I am just imagining things until imagination intrigues me so much. With her its kinda like she pairs imagination with lying. In reality it is her perception wrong. I have laughed even so many times and tried to keep the laughter held in due to its to the point of funny her perception is so out of sync with reality.  That is one thing that kept me throughout so much trauma enough happiness to not cry anymore. The sadness turned around into funny.  But its so weird with me due to as a teenager could watch Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor stand up comedy and not laugh at all.  Like the real funny was not funny at all because I can discern that to be able to joke like that to make others laugh something horrific had to of happened to them. So I cry sometimes watching comedy.  UGGGG I am on a tangent now I am talking about emotions but this is so cool cuz all of it goes together so amazing how this all works. BTW mom definitely seemed scared of dirt also.

The mind is so amazing though that with classical conditioning if you learned the imagined response then you can retrain the brain by repeating the neutral stimuli without the natural stimulus and it changes the perception to the real.

The next I have learned about operant conditioning. This is using rewards,(positive) taking away a reward(Negative) or using unwanted stimulus(positive), taking away unwanted simulus(negative)



Give or take each time desired behavior occurs and then space out the give take at uneven variables with each one and the mind is happy and continues the response. Wow this is way deep this goes on even deeper with the emotions but I am not going to expand on that at the moment or I might not ever get up from here.

You can also give/ take the undesired stimulus each time an unwanted behavior happens and the mind is happy with this one too but the undesired stimulus you would want to be more desirable than the unwanted behavior. This is possibly how you can train your mind backwards. Erase the programed senses and replace with something different???? Is this possible? Anyways I think that the possibilities are endless.   Sorry this is so new too me that I do not use the “psychology language yet” the language alway comes after I understand in my own language first. The next learning is what helps me the most with language for somereason.

Vicarious learning: role modeling…….this is something amazing too.  As a child I watched news during dinner. We had television in the dining room. Father would make us watch quieting while we ate. No allowance to ask any questions but the funny part of this is that my mind watched the news anouncers ask questions and cut people off in mid sentence so much while interviewing that is how I learned communication and yes I have had to work on this so much all my life. I am rude so many times. I so want to afford to buy the Rosseta Stone so I can speak the spanish..

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  1. gulrotkake Seriously? I’d rather eat some gulrotkake instead of this. I know you can do better 🙂

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    • me too I love cake yummmy 🙂

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  2. The last sentence is another point and will be another paragraph later I am so sleepy.
    I just do not want anyone to read and assume anything about it does not fit with the rest.

    November 29, 2011 at 12:47 am

  3. I posted this on here before anyone even responded due to I accidently pushed the publish when I first wrote it; was only going to be a draft then copy to the word on my Son’s computer because word is not on this computer.

    Now I just realize the whole discussion is now not on here so I publish the rest as

    December 18, 2011 at 6:44 am

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