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Maladapting to your environment causes disorder and chaos.  Conflicts are the main things that start the ball rolling of a possible maladaptive behavior;  and if you think about it further, the emotions in your mind stemming from your deepest desires are what create the conflict.

You personally always choose whether the conflict result is going to be worth the maladaption.  If someone decides to not work was the fun of the memory of the day missed making the money worth the fun? You decide it’s your life. The choice is always in your hands.

I was a baby taken from a mom that was rumored to have been raped and having  put into an environment of abuse, neglect and chaos( the movie Jumanji always come to mind when thinking of my home up bringing environment) For the bargain price which is on my adoption paper of 135 dollars.  Was I worth the money? To be taken out of one environment and put in another?  It is also rumored that my bio-mom that was raped was psychologically scared for life; and although she was raped, she named me a name that means gift of God.  

Whatever the reasons are for both of my mom’s maladaptive behaviors it is my choice of my life of whatever I do.  I am not the reason for my bio-mom’s mental illness or the adoptive mom’s crazy mixed up desires.

Crazy mixed up desires are what I call the desires of a sociopath. They want to destroy by any means possible even if it means to appear better smarter than everyone around and do good deeds for evil reasons.  Evil reasons are that they want to basically rule authoritate control everyone and everything in their path even by means of buying them things and giving presents or bribes to get them to follow their lead.

To go even further back, my adoptive-mom has deep roots of being racist to the point that she still thinks the color of skin makes you better smarter etc….. she went to school at Little Rock Central High School during the first school immigration where blacks were for the first time able to go to school with Caucasian.  She was not on the civil side and proud of it not remorseful in the least.

This is what I would like to say to her if she would listen. I love you mom but you are so wrong and I am sincerely saddened that you think this. Why would anyone even a maladaptive person get beaten strung up and hung telling a lie that would put them in Hell?

The people you hurt mom and the people you saw killed or other torments were definitely dying for telling the truth because they were definitely terrified to tell a lie.  Lose their life, family, children and plus their afterlife?  The sadder part is the mob would have probably continued even after the person lied to twist the truth to try to keep peace any means possible. By saying yeah your right please don’t kill me. Who is the better for the situation? Neither according to your beliefs the person telling the lie is going to hell for saying yeah your right and you’re going to hell for killing.  Total chaos.


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Continuation of Discussion 3B

Lori Thank you for such an awesome start to our discussion this week! You have raised the bar!
When you think about past testing experiences, do you see operant conditioning at work? Have you ever studied for an exam and as a result done well? On the other hand, have you ever not studied for an exam and done poorly on it? Does this help you understand the concept of operant conditioning?
Response to Weekly Topic: Your response is thoughtful and original. You are not merely repeating what others are saying. You are thinking for yourself. SEE YOUR GRADE IN THE GRADE SHEET POINTS POSSIBLE = 5
Meaningful Response to Peer: You do more than simply say “great idea” or “I agree”. Instead you have carefully thought about the post of another and have responded thoughtfully. SEE YOUR GRADE IN THE GRADE SHEET POINTS POSSIBLE = 5


Yes it does help me. Thankyou. I could be poor wanting to excell to gain more knowledge to help me and others to succeed and this helps me to do good on a test. I could also be poor and not have the money to pay my internet bill and cause me to not  be able to take the test. When I talk about possible retraining your brain. Its like you can look deep within yourself and decide what your most deepest desires are to make your life happy. Then choose the give and take around those desires. Because inorder to be a writer someday you might have to eat rayman noodles. Decide from those desires is it worth it? My most desires are love peace and happiness. I also know that my love peace and happiness could be someone elses sadness, jealousy, envy or anger. I do not have any control over someone else only me. There are also some that desire very wrong. Some desire world domination and mass murder Hilter would be an example of this type. I wonder what in the world happened for him to have that perspective? Scary.

Next I decide what are the things that give me love peace and happiness? Those are the things I want to keep. What are the things that hinder my love peace and happiness those are the things I either want to give or take. Example I would be happier healthier at a less weight. So I need to diet and exercise. Give up chocolate and drink more water :) This is where Maslow’s hierchy comes into the picture. There are priorities to your happiness.  If your health is bad you could not be as happy with anything else as you would with good health.

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If I was at the Bahama’s, I would not want to be there sick, but I might rather be there sick than somewhere else healthy. This is something that everyone can decide for themself.

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Lori: What an awesome explanation of health as it relates to Maslow’s theory!


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Assignment 4″ Personality” 12/10/11


Each person has an instinctive personality they are born with. If everyone was the same life would be boring.  I believe each person has some of all traits in them. However environment and how they adapt to change (stress) brings out personality traits that are the strongest.   When that personality trait overpowers them it can become a problem.   Others will find it annoying and small children might even copy the dominant behavior. If the personality trait becomes dangerous to the person or others it is considered a psychological disorder.   Stress or frustration can cause these traits to get out of hand.  Good choices lead to a chain reaction of well adjusted behaviors for generations.


“Stress is the mental and physical condition that occurs when a person must adjust or adapt to the environment.”   Stress can be a motivator and keep you in check.  Stress can be good for you. The healthy stress motivates you to exercise, eat healthy, and enjoy time spent with family and friends.  The good stress is called eustress.

Distress is stress that is causing unhealthy conditions like sleep deprivation or bad eating habits. Or worse- bad habits forming for when not in distress like smoking or drinking alcohol.

  1. Denial
  2. Repression
  3. Projection
  4. Compensation
  5. Regression
  6. Distraction

Are coping mechanisms to help keep stress under control.  Many times these are automatic and someone is totally unaware this is going on. These mechanisms have been in place usually since childhood.  Sometimes if a child does not have a supportive, nurturing caregiver or allowance to make decisions while young it will affect their personality later in life without realizing why.


“Frustration is a negative emotional state that occurs when one is prevented from reaching a goal.” Frustration can be internal or external.

  1. Aggression
  2. Scapegoating
  3. Escape

These are some ways used to cope with frustration.


“The humanistic personality theory focuses on experience, potential, problems and ideals. “  All these things affect how people adapt to a situation.  Since I have held a colicky baby that cries very loudly non-stop, that situation does not cause anxiety for me as much.  There is some anxiety because it is unclear why the baby is crying and my mind wants to sooth the baby at all cost.  Anxiety is fear from an unclear threat.

I have potential to pass this class because I am making good grades and not behind in my work.  For this reason I am motivated to keep doing the work.  Potential is a motivator to finish but can also motivate you to stop.  If I was flunking and behind on my work with internal and external frustration on all sides; I would decide this class is non-potential and become a quitter.  I might decide that on-line college is not for me.

Potential to fail is now a problem I must find a way to adapt to finish or choose other options.  Problems are in my life on a daily basis.  Prioritizing them, taking one at a time, and seeking help when needed will keep stress and frustration to a minimum.   Sometimes I take ideals into my head that are not revealed yet because of past experience and caregivers repeating same scenario over and over of failure.

Ideals will make you ponder everything and everyone.  They can overwhelm and create paranoia if not kept in balance.  Be very careful with little children that they are not belittled, put down and made fun of in a bad way. These things could be making them ponder everything and everyone first internally with themselves then others.  Mal-adaptive behavior will most of the time internalize and manifest itself on individual first then come out externally towards others later on.  So as this child grows up into adult years fears and fears with unclear threats will turn into paranoia.  Children that are bullied today could possibly in later years have depression, fears, anxiety and phobias.

One way to overcome this is to face the bully.  All personnel in charge of young children should be able to recognize bullying and step up to dissolve the ridicule of a student. Separation and letting them talk to counselors could help prevent psychological disorders.  The one doing the bullying is externalizing already due to something that was internalized already.  The bully might be to the point of not going to talk about the problem to anyone.  Group talk to the whole class of children might help this child realize and seek help.

The humanistic approach declares that individuals can choose there response to environmental stimuli.  Its your choice to either see a glass half full or half empty.  You are ultimately responsible for your own actions regardless of the environment you are in.  There is one personality that can not repair or does not change only appears to change and that is a sociopath.  The sociopath does not see or understand the bullying of others is wrong.  They do not even see that is what they are doing. The sociopath is thinking that is normal way of life.  It is a personality set in as mechanism from a very early age to just be automatic response to what ever triggered the behavior.

You are born with a temperament and from the temperament grows stronger personality traits provoked by stimuli in the environment.  Each chooses there path and how to respond to the stimuli.  If a child gets what they want from a temper-tantrum they are likely to keep this trait.  Give praise and cheer on children when you see them doing something you like.  This will create healthy adaptive personalities that will carry them far in life.

“A well-adjusted individual is one who adapts to surroundings. If adaptation is  not possible, the individual makes realistic efforts to change the situation,  using personal talents and abilities constructively and successfully. The  well-adjusted person is realistic and able to face facts whether they are  pleasant or unpleasant, and deals with them instead of merely worrying about  them or denying them. Well-adjusted mature persons are independent. They form  reasoned opinions and then act on them. They seek a reasonable amount of  information and advice before making a decision, and once the decision is made,  they are willing to face the consequences of it. They do not try to force others  to make decisions for them. An ability to love others is typical of the  well-adjusted individual. In addition, the mature well adjusted person is also  able to enjoy receiving love and affection and can accept a reasonable  dependence on others.”


Selected References

Griggs, R. (2012). Psychology: A Concise Introduction, Third Edition. Worth publishers. Chapter 8 Personality Theories and Assessments (288-316), sadistic personality (disorder)- definition of sadistic personality(disorder) in the Medical…., ,

retrieved 10 December 2011.

           04 Lecture Notes, Course GE102. Psychology, Kathryn Sellers









Assignment 3- 12/4/11


  1. What is classical conditioning?  How does conditioning work?

Classical conditioning is learning to substitute one stimulus for another stimulus by pairing a stimulus that is neutral with a stimulus that is natural.  The mind will then perceive that the neutral stimulus will elicit the same response as the natural stimulus.  A natural occurring event could happen at the same time that a neutral event happens and the mind perceives the neutral stimulus as the cause. Therefore you could use either stimulus to cause the same effect.

The mind will also expect the same scenario to be replayed.  My mind used to do this with lightening.  When I saw lightening my response was to cover my ears, close my eyes and pray because I expected the loud thunder to be next.   The thunder did not happen every time, but my mind expected it every time.

My mind retrained itself during one night of driving. My children and I were traveling 400 miles and close to midnight was the most beautiful lightning storm.  The lightening lit up the entire night sky over and over with not one clap of thunder. This went on for a couple of hours.  My mind no longer expected the thunder after the lightening and did not elicit a scary response from me anymore.

This type of conditioning can be used to overcome fears or other emotions that interrupt your daily life.  When these emotions are lifted confidence is born.  You can get things accomplished

faster by removing procrastination causing obstacles.  To me fear is a procrastinating causing obstacle. It took me all day once to build up the confidence to get a spider out of the bathtub to take a bath. With every emotion there is a healthy medium.  I would not want to become over confident and become so friendly with spiders that I invited them to my home.

  1. How is learning possible?

Bottom up senses are the first time that you sense something.  Bottom up senses are then stored into sensory memory.  When you focus on that sensory information and how it relates to other things in your environment then it will be stored to the long-term memory.  When the senses are stored in the long-term memory you can then bring it forward when needed and add to new incoming bottom up senses.  You can choose to ignore or keep the new senses to go along with the stored ones.  This is how to adapt to changes in surroundings.  The more that you can associate to the senses that are stored into long-term memory the more you can choose the way you want to adapt to the environment at the moment.  The mind will pick from past experiences what to bring to the short-term memory and what from the short- term memory to store into long-term memory.

Top down senses are stored in the long-term memory.  You can perceive with Gestalt principals the whole picture without the whole picture being there. This sensing seems automatic. One plus one equals two you just seemingly know from now on without having to know why. You can get to this point different ways. One way is to repeatedly say one plus one

equals two over and over.  This way is not the best way. It is better to learn that I have one apple and Sally gave me an apple, now I have two apples.  Associate the numbers with tangible evidence. The mind will store this information and can go on further to next multiply and divide.  Prove what you are saying to yourself and the mind will store this in long-term memory and recall when needed seemingly without thinking.

The mind can be tricked into thinking that you have proof when it could be an illusion and not real.   The more tangible the evidence is for your mind the better when it comes to learning new material.  Use all of your senses then apply them to your daily life.  After doing this type of learning you can apply it to your life and solve problems seemingly without even trying to solve it.  Hence the reason college algebra is taught to every professional even though math is not a routine part of their profession—- to be able to critically think solving problems easily while remaining stress free.


  1. Do you think memory editing is appropriate: Why or why not? If you were able to erase memories from your life, would you?  Why or why not?

Memory editing is appropriate in most instances but not in some.  It could be a great help to overcome fear or bad habits that are unhealthy or causing harm to oneself or others.  Just

like anything else should only be in the hands of qualified personal to regulate and determine use of the product.  It is only in experimental stages with mice now.  So I feel it would be years from now before it would be for use in humans.  By this time, it would be declared safe and not harmful for use.

My fears and bad habits are not that out of control to cause harm to myself or others so for me personally I would not want to use this product.  I would like to use it on someone that is cutting their self-up with a knife.  Or someone that is causing great harm to self or others.

Before it is made available for use I would also highly consider making it possible to fill in the memory with a memory replacement.  This way you would not leave it up to the person that wants to cause harm to self and others to maybe replace that behavior with an even worse behavior.  Offer the person a choice though of what memory replacement they would like.   Memory editing could become a cure for all types of addictions and harmful thoughts.

  1. Do you think it is ethical for scientists to conduct memory research?  Why or why not?

Memory research is ethical.  These researchers could benefit society greatly.  It would have to be regulated to not be used in the wrong way or out of a controlled environment.  Using this as a memory enhancer to make better choices and judgments and such would not be wise.  Your mind can only handle so many memories and thoughts without decreasing

other things about your health.  I believe some would use it as a habit/addiction in itself but with everything there are those that do such.  Coffee drinkers, smokers, alcoholics, OCD, over eaters, over counter medications, prescribed medications, gambling………….Each person chooses their own vice and decides when it is out of control.  This memory editing could then repair the out of control vice and life better for that individual and society, so yes this is ethical.

To have it uncontrolled would be unethical.  In the wrong hands for wrong reasons could create a monster for the reasons I spoke of in my discussion paper. Some people have wrong desires. Some people desire world domination and mass murder.  The memory eraser could wipe out bad morals and good morals. This would be very dangerous to society.  This would need to be regulated and monitored closely.


  1. Explain each stage of cognitive development. Provide specific examples of development in each stage.

The first stage of cognitive development is sensorimotor stage.  Children at this stage are using bottom up sensing for almost everything.  If they do not see it feel it hear it in the immediate environment, they do not consider objects permanent.  The long-term memory has not developed enough yet to do much top down sensing.  It is best to tell the truth and explain things

to them correctly without trying to trick or bribe them to do something at this stage.   The reason is because they are storing what you say to them in long term memory to be able to go further with their learning at a later time. When the child learns the truth of the matter could become hurt and angry with whoever tricked them.  The emotion will be into the long-term memory the automatic type to where they do not even realize the cause. Most likely will not even know or realize who tricked them and just harbor these emotions without ever quite realizing why or how.

The second stage of cognitive development is the pre-operational stage.  This stage children use symbolic thinking.  The top down senses are being used with the bottom up senses in an egocentric way.  The child now realizes that an object could be hidden and when wanting the object searches.  They will do things and say things to be happy with themselves.  The children are basically testing their environment on their own to discover what’s real and what makes them happy. Imagination and pretend are everywhere.  Through play will role model the adults in their environment.  Children learn to develop senses to learn why the adults are doing what they do. It is important to let these children know good behavior vs. bad behavior in a positive way.   Let them discover that things break this is a part of life.  Discover that things do hurt and it’s ok to be sad sometimes or mad.

The third stage is the concrete operational stage.  Children are logical but do not think outside the box yet.  This stage will include a million and one questions on everything. It’s best not to get annoyed with their questions while they are thinking now logically.  If these questions go unanswered they will tend to put their own assumptions into the equation.  Then during the next stage when they can think outside the box will be making more wrong choices than right choices. Children at this stage welcome advice to how to handle peer pressure and wrong and right choices.

The fourth stage is the formal operational stage.  Children at this stage can now think outside the box and will think outside the box no matter how ready they are too.  Given good advice in the previous stage and good role models is key for them making good decisions now.  They will learn on their own from now on and a lot of it is going to be the hard way with less good teaching and role modeling prior to this stage.  Let them know before this stage that if you steal is bad and against the law and burglars go to jail. If they have not been told this before now they might actually steal and go to jail learning this the hard way.  It seems to the adult

  1. Do you agree with Piaget’s theory?  Why or why not?

Yes, I agree with Piaget’s theory most of it. I do not agree with the ages being the same with every child. Every child is different and depends on the sensing from environment to develop these stages.  Some children reach a stage faster or slower than others. Not only does environment affect the stage process but also nutrition and health.

Selected References:

Griggs, R. (2012). Psychology: A Concise Introduction, Third Edition. Worth publishers. Chapter 7 Developmental Psychology (246-286)

Discussion Asignment 3A”Cognition/Memory is Learning Behavior” 11/29/11

I did the B topic first so this one basically leaves off from that post due to memory/cognition is the learning part seems would go first but how the mind works actually would make more since for it to be after.

I went to sleep on the vicarious learning way that I learn language. Through associations my mind memorizes speech, words all that so lightning fast the neurons are synapsing and creating new pathways that is one reason I think maybe I do not dream.  My mind is definitely thinking as it sleeps. It is going way too fast to remember or does not need to remember. I am consciously wide awake eyes closed with the REM. I can reach up and feel my eyes moving under my lids.

The memory works in three stages. The senses put it in short-term then back to the long term and with those you can do the top down processing. The mind can store those sensations some forever and they are not needed.  Next when new stimulus’s real/imaginary enter into the mix the mind brings forth what it needs from the long term back to the short term to then create more memories. My mind is choosing what to block out of memory for the moment to learn a new task or subject and for it to make sense with me and others who are communicating with me because my mind the most basic desire for me is to be understood respected, cared for, loved.  Yes, I guess you could say that love is the major key into the whole mind process.  Other emotions control your actions too. Love is the one that I want to stay in my mind. I have seen hate and it’s not pretty at all.

An example of the memory being stored and recalled is with learning math. Repeatedly over and over you do the math and then your mind will just automatically know how to calculate seemly without even thinking. It’s not that it’s not even thinking it’s that it can go on now past the 2+2=4 and recall that information when needed and go further. It’s going so fast you do not even notice. I can do 10 step algebraic equations with only 3 steps due to my mind was conditioned with memories to do so.  I took all the math in school and pages of homework every day. I would do the even and the odd homework even though the odd the answers were in the back of the book. I loved the math. After doing so many repetitiously and the mind has learned the principles for why and how, you can do the math skipping some steps. BTW I have not read the memory chapter yet but I wanted to write this incase I forget.  Its like I just woke up and had to write it down. I call that an ahah moment.

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Re: Cognition/Memory is learning behavior

by KATHRYN SELLERS – Wednesday, 30 November 2011, 02:21 PM EST


Who knew a great sleep aid was a lecture on vicarious learning.

How do you use your memory to help you retain academic material? What are your best practices?

Response to Weekly Topic: Your response is thoughtful and original. You are not merely repeating what others are saying. You are thinking for yourself.


Meaningful Response to a peer: You do more than simply say “great idea” or “I agree”. Instead you have carefully thought about the post of another and have responded thoughtfully.



Re: Cognition/Memory is learning behavior

by Lori Schreiner – Thursday, 01 December 2011, 10:11 PM EST

  First I read the assignments and discussion. What questions are asked? Then I listen to the lecture. Next read the chapters. Next the discussions. Write in my own words what this all means. With it being a discussion maybe someone else might have another view, I could be wrong. To talk to others is a big help. Then I do the flashcards and then test while looking at the lecture notes. Lastly the assignment, its the assignment that lets me know I understand and am ready to go further.

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Discussion Wk 2 “My Sense of the World” 11/21/2011

Discussion Assignment 2

Intro to Psychology

Lori Schreiner

Sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste create the world I live in. Everything revolves around my senses. This creates my perception. My perception is different than anyone else due to I am a unique person just as no snowflake is alike.  I started out in this world with a heightened sense of hearing, possibly to make up for my decreased sense of sight.

 I never saw night stars, leaves on trees, or what the teacher wrote on a chalkboard until 5th grade.  I never knew any different. Glasses changed my life. Although until adult, I only wore them in the classroom.  Sometimes blurs are prettier to me. My confidence increases when I sit back close my eyes and take a deep breath.

My ears however I have always been able to hear a whisper in the middle of a thunderstorm. My parents’ room was on the other side of the house growing up in a 2000 square foot home, and I could always remember lying in bed listening to their conversations behind closed doors. Loud noises always frightened me due to this. Fireworks, thunder (not the lightening) terrified me.  It took me some time to figure out my Master Sergeant father talked loudly to get his point across and not because he is hard of hearing. My voice is so soft spoken that most cannot hear me. I can hear myself as though it is really loud.

Touch has never been something I much paid attention too. But thinking about this one, I love silk sheets and aloe-Vera socks. Temperature changes are very noticeable. If someone moves my temperature one degree above 72, I get hot; and one degree below 72 I get cold.  I can walk on hot asphalt barefoot and it does not bother me much. I have high tolerance for pain.

Smell and taste go hand in hand for me.  I smell food my mouth starts salivating.  I grew up on home cooked meals using all the spices, so sometimes the ragu in the jar is a major disappointment.  I can surely tell if no bay leaf was included.  Since I like food smells so much my candles are vanilla, cider, pecan pie. My deodorant is peach. Perfume and lotion are also vanilla.

This is my sense of the world.  Pretty amazing how senses create the world we live in.


What a vivid description of each of your senses and how you use them!

As you think about your education, your study habits and environment, how do you use your senses to help you retain information?

**Please note, I will update your grade once you have had a chance to respond to your peers.**



When learning my mind uses a lot of associations. Like the ROY G VIB in the reading to learn the colors. The overviews at the end of each section re-enforce what I read and help me to retain the information. Then the flash cards are great after that.

My mind likes to read the whole picture. Then use the top-down processing reading the overview.  Next before a quiz even less in the mix with the flashcards.  Then if my mind is still confused associate something to keep them separate.

In the reading this week are top-down and bottom-up. So I just think about what it said really closely. The top-down is looking at something and being able to fill in the blanks.

The discussion assignment helps too. If I can write down in my own words the meaning, I have the confidence to choose correctly on a test of multiple choice and can differentiate the for sure correct answer.

This is why I like multiple choice test. The mind has to know the correct answer most times to get it right, but also you do not have to write from scratch and worry if the other people are understanding what you wrote. Just go quickly and mark the answers be the first one finished with an A, and the teacher has no doubt you understand.

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Yeah that is very a  interesting depiction! I feel so sad that you couldn’t enjoy a starry night until later in life. One of my fondest childhood memories is watching the vast network of stars at night with my dad. I was around nine or ten, and to this day it is a vision i will never forget. Sensory adaptation has defiantly done its job all those years ago! We would watch the stars every summer night and not miss a single night. And you are a woman after my own heart if you like food like I do! It is interesting how you indulge yourself in food imitating aromas. People have such opinions about different fragrances but you can never go wrong with a food related aroma! You should look for a pecan pie scented perfume! >:-}




The stars and the leaves on the trees are the first things I noticed with my glasses. Stars are amazing. As a teenager me and my sister would put a blanket on top of the 98 Oldsmobile and stare at the stars at night. 1986/87 just happened to be the year of immense falling stars was amazing indeed.

From the time my son was an infant have shared looking at the moon with him and the stars.  We also caught lightening bugs lol. I do not think that is the proper word for them but what I always named them.

  Also one of  my favorite sites are night lights in a big city.  The not being able to see the lights changed my perception to enjoy them even more when I could see them.


I have always had very sensitive senses, but two extraordinarily strong senses. Ever since high school I have had quick reflexes and decently acute seeing and hearing. Overtime however, my hands have lost an unknown percentage of feeling. Years of weight lifting have left calluses and blisters on my hands and I don’t feel as strongly as I use to. But I have a very low absolute threshold when it comes to the taste and smell sensors’.

I LOVE to eat, so my sense of taste and smell are the most used and the most sensitive. I can smell a body odor from across a large room and I can actually predict with pretty good accuracy the exact taste of a food with a good whiff.   I can tell whether a food is abruptly spicy or only subtly spicy. I always said I’d make a better host on the show Man vs. Food! I’m no glutton or anything, but I do feel at one with my sense of taste! I understand the psychology at work behind my love of food; growing up in the country I was always accustomed to big meals and savory dishes. As an EMT I rely heavily on my hearing and seeing and smelling. Being in touch with these senses helps me accurately access a patients in need



Wow your sense of smell would be overpowering at times especially in a crowded gym.  My smell is not that powerful. Maybe I was de-sensitized due to I grew up in Pine Bluff, AR sometimes nicknamed stink town because the paper mill caused very foul aroma.

I think maybe our senses adapt to our environment as well as make up for each one. Considering a blind person can hear wind and rain and so much more it seems than someone that can see the rain falling and see the wind blowing leaves.

Then again maybe its not that they can do more. It might be that  just the perception is different. Because the person that can see takes sight for granted and never stops to think what it would be like to not see and just use the ears.

This is where I think letting my son read so many books is a good thing. When you read someone elses perspective you not only gain the knowledge but a different perception. You gain the theory of mind.  You go beyond what you have learned and discover more… empathy, justice, morals.

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Thank you for posting this week..on Thanksgiving Day! If you love to eat, then I bet you have enjoyed the last few days, with all the great foods this holiday brings!