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Continuation of Discussion 3B

Lori Thank you for such an awesome start to our discussion this week! You have raised the bar!
When you think about past testing experiences, do you see operant conditioning at work? Have you ever studied for an exam and as a result done well? On the other hand, have you ever not studied for an exam and done poorly on it? Does this help you understand the concept of operant conditioning?
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Yes it does help me. Thankyou. I could be poor wanting to excell to gain more knowledge to help me and others to succeed and this helps me to do good on a test. I could also be poor and not have the money to pay my internet bill and cause me to not  be able to take the test. When I talk about possible retraining your brain. Its like you can look deep within yourself and decide what your most deepest desires are to make your life happy. Then choose the give and take around those desires. Because inorder to be a writer someday you might have to eat rayman noodles. Decide from those desires is it worth it? My most desires are love peace and happiness. I also know that my love peace and happiness could be someone elses sadness, jealousy, envy or anger. I do not have any control over someone else only me. There are also some that desire very wrong. Some desire world domination and mass murder Hilter would be an example of this type. I wonder what in the world happened for him to have that perspective? Scary.

Next I decide what are the things that give me love peace and happiness? Those are the things I want to keep. What are the things that hinder my love peace and happiness those are the things I either want to give or take. Example I would be happier healthier at a less weight. So I need to diet and exercise. Give up chocolate and drink more water :) This is where Maslow’s hierchy comes into the picture. There are priorities to your happiness.  If your health is bad you could not be as happy with anything else as you would with good health.

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If I was at the Bahama’s, I would not want to be there sick, but I might rather be there sick than somewhere else healthy. This is something that everyone can decide for themself.

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Lori: What an awesome explanation of health as it relates to Maslow’s theory!


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