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Discussion Wk 2 “My Sense of the World” 11/21/2011

Discussion Assignment 2

Intro to Psychology

Lori Schreiner

Sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste create the world I live in. Everything revolves around my senses. This creates my perception. My perception is different than anyone else due to I am a unique person just as no snowflake is alike.  I started out in this world with a heightened sense of hearing, possibly to make up for my decreased sense of sight.

 I never saw night stars, leaves on trees, or what the teacher wrote on a chalkboard until 5th grade.  I never knew any different. Glasses changed my life. Although until adult, I only wore them in the classroom.  Sometimes blurs are prettier to me. My confidence increases when I sit back close my eyes and take a deep breath.

My ears however I have always been able to hear a whisper in the middle of a thunderstorm. My parents’ room was on the other side of the house growing up in a 2000 square foot home, and I could always remember lying in bed listening to their conversations behind closed doors. Loud noises always frightened me due to this. Fireworks, thunder (not the lightening) terrified me.  It took me some time to figure out my Master Sergeant father talked loudly to get his point across and not because he is hard of hearing. My voice is so soft spoken that most cannot hear me. I can hear myself as though it is really loud.

Touch has never been something I much paid attention too. But thinking about this one, I love silk sheets and aloe-Vera socks. Temperature changes are very noticeable. If someone moves my temperature one degree above 72, I get hot; and one degree below 72 I get cold.  I can walk on hot asphalt barefoot and it does not bother me much. I have high tolerance for pain.

Smell and taste go hand in hand for me.  I smell food my mouth starts salivating.  I grew up on home cooked meals using all the spices, so sometimes the ragu in the jar is a major disappointment.  I can surely tell if no bay leaf was included.  Since I like food smells so much my candles are vanilla, cider, pecan pie. My deodorant is peach. Perfume and lotion are also vanilla.

This is my sense of the world.  Pretty amazing how senses create the world we live in.


What a vivid description of each of your senses and how you use them!

As you think about your education, your study habits and environment, how do you use your senses to help you retain information?

**Please note, I will update your grade once you have had a chance to respond to your peers.**



When learning my mind uses a lot of associations. Like the ROY G VIB in the reading to learn the colors. The overviews at the end of each section re-enforce what I read and help me to retain the information. Then the flash cards are great after that.

My mind likes to read the whole picture. Then use the top-down processing reading the overview.  Next before a quiz even less in the mix with the flashcards.  Then if my mind is still confused associate something to keep them separate.

In the reading this week are top-down and bottom-up. So I just think about what it said really closely. The top-down is looking at something and being able to fill in the blanks.

The discussion assignment helps too. If I can write down in my own words the meaning, I have the confidence to choose correctly on a test of multiple choice and can differentiate the for sure correct answer.

This is why I like multiple choice test. The mind has to know the correct answer most times to get it right, but also you do not have to write from scratch and worry if the other people are understanding what you wrote. Just go quickly and mark the answers be the first one finished with an A, and the teacher has no doubt you understand.

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Yeah that is very a  interesting depiction! I feel so sad that you couldn’t enjoy a starry night until later in life. One of my fondest childhood memories is watching the vast network of stars at night with my dad. I was around nine or ten, and to this day it is a vision i will never forget. Sensory adaptation has defiantly done its job all those years ago! We would watch the stars every summer night and not miss a single night. And you are a woman after my own heart if you like food like I do! It is interesting how you indulge yourself in food imitating aromas. People have such opinions about different fragrances but you can never go wrong with a food related aroma! You should look for a pecan pie scented perfume! >:-}




The stars and the leaves on the trees are the first things I noticed with my glasses. Stars are amazing. As a teenager me and my sister would put a blanket on top of the 98 Oldsmobile and stare at the stars at night. 1986/87 just happened to be the year of immense falling stars was amazing indeed.

From the time my son was an infant have shared looking at the moon with him and the stars.  We also caught lightening bugs lol. I do not think that is the proper word for them but what I always named them.

  Also one of  my favorite sites are night lights in a big city.  The not being able to see the lights changed my perception to enjoy them even more when I could see them.


I have always had very sensitive senses, but two extraordinarily strong senses. Ever since high school I have had quick reflexes and decently acute seeing and hearing. Overtime however, my hands have lost an unknown percentage of feeling. Years of weight lifting have left calluses and blisters on my hands and I don’t feel as strongly as I use to. But I have a very low absolute threshold when it comes to the taste and smell sensors’.

I LOVE to eat, so my sense of taste and smell are the most used and the most sensitive. I can smell a body odor from across a large room and I can actually predict with pretty good accuracy the exact taste of a food with a good whiff.   I can tell whether a food is abruptly spicy or only subtly spicy. I always said I’d make a better host on the show Man vs. Food! I’m no glutton or anything, but I do feel at one with my sense of taste! I understand the psychology at work behind my love of food; growing up in the country I was always accustomed to big meals and savory dishes. As an EMT I rely heavily on my hearing and seeing and smelling. Being in touch with these senses helps me accurately access a patients in need



Wow your sense of smell would be overpowering at times especially in a crowded gym.  My smell is not that powerful. Maybe I was de-sensitized due to I grew up in Pine Bluff, AR sometimes nicknamed stink town because the paper mill caused very foul aroma.

I think maybe our senses adapt to our environment as well as make up for each one. Considering a blind person can hear wind and rain and so much more it seems than someone that can see the rain falling and see the wind blowing leaves.

Then again maybe its not that they can do more. It might be that  just the perception is different. Because the person that can see takes sight for granted and never stops to think what it would be like to not see and just use the ears.

This is where I think letting my son read so many books is a good thing. When you read someone elses perspective you not only gain the knowledge but a different perception. You gain the theory of mind.  You go beyond what you have learned and discover more… empathy, justice, morals.

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Thank you for posting this week..on Thanksgiving Day! If you love to eat, then I bet you have enjoyed the last few days, with all the great foods this holiday brings!



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