Thoughts in the mind of l0oree

Assignment 5

1. Do you think the graduate student was wrong for contacting the authorities? Why or why not?

                No I do not think the student was wrong for contacting the authorities.  She was being a good friend concerned for her safety no matter how her friend was to see her actions.  She was a new student just learning the proper procedures and I am quite sure that the personal friendship blurs professionals perceptive just a little.  It was wise also for the student to seek advice from her college mentor.  She showed strength and endurance to do the right thing.  Being a close friend could trigger interference with getting proper help not meaning too. 

2. Do you think counselors should be allowed to have friendships with non-clients, without having to take on their role as psychologist? Why or why not? Do you think mandatory reporting is a good policy? Why or why not?

                Yes I think they should be allowed friendships.  A true friend will not get mad if the counselor prefers to stay out.  At the moment if they are mal-adaptive and clinically something is wrong need to seek emergency medical attention as quickly as possible.   In reality doing this the counselor is not staying out she is stepping up to the plate and doing something.  Mal-adaption with suicidal thoughts is like the worst of all. You can’t come back ending your life.    Yes mandatory reporting is a good policy because of what I just said you can’t come back from ending your life.  So many choose to look the other way or just tell someone else thinking well I did something.  If I see a crash I am calling 911. If I forget to lock my door and come home I call police to inspect my room.  If a teenager tells me they bought some Xanax to take at the party with their alcohol I am calling the drug task force.  I know I would because I have done so in those situations, but it is very surprising to me that not many do that.   You can call me a snitch I don’t care I would rather be alive with my friend alive as well.


Think about Carl Roger’s theory.

Self-image, remember, is defined as: a total subjective perception of your body and personality. 

 This weeks assignment, answer questions related to your self-image. Using microsoft word please compose a 1-2 page paper, being sure to answer the questions below. Remember to reference yhour glossary and lecture notes to review  any terms that are unclear.

1. What is your self-image? Has your self-image changed over the years? If so how has it changed? If your self-image hasn’t changed, why do you think it has remained the same?

2.  Do you know anyone with an especially poor or strong self-image?  How does that person’s self image affect their behavior?  have you experienced incongruence?


“I am an open book read by all.

No one gets the same message

But there is something for anyone

That wants to read or listen

Or just look at the pictures.

Mystery comedy drama action.

I reflect myself most of the time

Because I tend to choose my own path

And stare at my face in the mirror more than others.

Try the most part to mold my self

Into my role model .

To be who I most want to be like.

Find myself that I love so

Then I can see clearly some love in everybody.

Next, I find the good of others.

I choose to reflect the good in others.

And continue til I am a giant reflection of goodness

Starting with myself

Then looking to others and mirror the good.

Now able to reflect back even more love and happiness a continuous cycle of love.”                                 

( . Reflection. Van Assen,D. Retrieved 12/19/2011) or this one too(  . Broowaha Your shared news and views. Van Assen,D. Retrieved 12/19/2011)

I totally agree with Rogers. You have to see yourself on your own. No one can tell me who I am or who I am not. If I say I am a lover not a fighter I am if you say it, its just words without any meaning.   That is your personality who you are too yourself and no one else.  To your individual personal self.  So all the haters back off this is me and you are you.   God I love rap music the best of all.  I wish my thoughts could come out rhyming. LMAO I have always been a little off key so maybe this is a side effect.  I can’t rhyme but I have plenty of thoughts that no one else has they are mine. But I am not selfish. Very Sweet indeed.  Just ask my boo he will tell you………..

  Added note: before anyone says anything I know this is awful I did not even answer all the questions. I wrote and completed this assignment in less than 10 minutes time including all the uploading  to the word.  Also I added the questions to the B part just so you can tell I did answer the “Think about Roger’s part”  That was all my mind at the time had time to think about and get the assignment to the Professor.  Let me repeat I did this whole assignment not just the B in less than 10 minutes the A and the B.

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