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I am posting today the rest of my assgnments that towards the ending of my class sorry to say with Christmas, traveling 800 miles bothways not one way tg, working 90 hours a pay period. I did not do as good as I could of should of stress seems to hit my emotions more so writing about the things also so keep in mind while I was doing the writing I was crying at the time also.  These are not excuses for my work being poor just letting you know its not my best and I am always a work in progress. 🙂  I actually wrote the last 3 assignments all together in less than 30 minutes or I would not of even made the deadline. ORIGINAL!118&cid=b5dcef1f8f2240a0&#!/view.aspx?cid=B5DCEF1F8F2240A0&resid=B5DCEF1F8F2240A0%21118

Stress Relief

I have used many things to ease stress in my life. The things that work the best for me are the things that I should do everyday on a routine basis.  Eat healthy, exercise, writing a journal, meditation and extra bubble baths are the best.

Next to the best are distraction things like watch television, read, listen to music, or anything to distract me from the anxiety.  Sometimes this does not work and will even at times increase my anxiety.  It will increase because one the situation is still on my mind or the distraction reminds me of the situation itself.

Things that I have done which are not good for me are the things that are bad for my health. Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating chocolate, energy drinks are not good.  but seemily needed.  When my stress is at its worst, I have felt like I needed the worst things for it.

I have not had anyone to ever talk to much about problems or questions so the writing down my thoughts helps a lot.  My mind is thinking that I care enough about myself to listen to me.  My mind decided a long time ago that what I think about it is more important than the validation from someone else. 

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 Re: Stress Relief

by KATHRYN SELLERS – Sunday, 11 December 2011, 09:52 PM EST


It sounds like you know how to handle stress so it works for you! Exerting yourself physically is an excellent way to deal with stress for many people, including me! The Mayo Clinic supports your idea:

This week I am encouraging students to check their stress level:

Please visit

It is not necessary for you to share the results with us, but please feel free to if you would like.

Response to Weekly Topic: Your response is thoughtful and original. You are not merely repeating what others are saying. You are thinking for yourself.


Meaningful Response to Peer: You do more than simply say “great idea” or “I agree”. Instead you have carefully thought about the post of another and have responded thoughtfully.


Meaningful Response to Another Peer: You have responded to a second peer with the same thought expected of your response to the first peer.



 Re: Stress Relief

by Lori Schreiner – Monday, 12 December 2011, 12:23 AM EST

  My score is not very good. Less than 50%. I think I am going to clean up my room  This is a great article to help decrease stress thankyou very much.

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 Re: Re: Stress Relief

by KATHRYN SELLERS – Tuesday, 13 December 2011, 09:05 PM EST


This just means there is room to grow!



 Re: Stress Relief

by Lori Schreiner – Monday, 12 December 2011, 12:26 AM EST

  As a child it would help me so much with stress that I would over exercise. One morning when I woke up I could not walk I had to crawl to the light switch and pull myself up. Yes exercise helps very much. It gives a feeling that you cannot express in words

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