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Archive for January 11, 2012

Mission Statement

My Mission is:

To receive a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree,

To use this knowledge to make improvements in my life and others,

To see a business grow and exceed beyond my own expectations,

To find and create ways to retain experienced employees and encourage new employees to remain,

To create a stress free environment for learning and sharing new ideas,

To become more efficient to cut costly expenses starting with myself and become a leader that others will follow and decide “yes I think I will too, to help save”,

To realize my potential,

To help employees realize their potential,

To help the company realize its potential,

To balance employees vs. management and help all to realize as a team- patients have better outcomes, business has better outcomes, employees have better outcomes, I have a better outcome.

To set realistic goals and re-evaluate periodically to adjust current goal or make new goals. This is the only way to grow one step at a time……..

This knowledge will improve my life and others and go very well with my Nursing.  I continuously do these things already with my patients and will continue…..I am now stepping forward to learn to do this with employees, upper management, and business.