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Thoughts on Oil, Ducks, Rice, Auquifers, Senators, Blood and Disclosure of Fair politicians

Arkansas:  Stuttgart  duck capital of the world

also Rice Capital of the world


Senator Knox Nelson from Arkansas last Ran for Senator 1989. I was his personal secretary that year.  I chose not to ever vote in  my life due to this experience.  At the time Governor Bill Clinton I would hear the Senator call him and tell him over the phone to do things his way and hang up the phone in his face.  I went to committee meetings at the capital.  He had ideas to get rid of welfare and get them jobs.  I agreed a little with what was said but not all the way. I thought was very harsh to take much-needed help away from millions within the little time period asking for.  I never knew this one until recently that There is a major blood scandal with him and his best friend that worked for the prison about tainted HIV blood going to other countries.  Art Lockhart was Senator Knox Nelson’s best friend.

This about the blood was the only thing I could research on this man recently due to I was curious as to his legislation put into place back then.  This was the business I witnessed that all this time has had me not want to ever vote in my life even though politics  sparks my curiosity very much.  I remember at the time the major thing about the Late Senator Knox Nelson no one liked was that he closed records to the public about laws he put in place over the oil industry.  Senator Knox Nelson was owner and founder of Knox Nelson Oil Company.  He was President of Company Arkansas Marketers and Applied Energy.  I know he grew up poor born in Altheimer, Arkansas as a farmer.  I remember he had many farmer friends from Stuttgart, Arkansas.  I went with the Senator to a country club meeting in Stuttgart.  I realized the rice there was going all over the world back then.  This Senator was the chairman of the board of the means and ways committee, the energy and commerce committee, transportation committee, and the energy and commerce committee.   All these committee chair positions put him in a position of too much power in my mind. Recently when I tried to research his history I could not even find information on wikapedia. Like this man was able to erase history. How are we going to know what to do right or wrong with out the history? History is for us to make good decisions about the future.

Watching today the Keystone pipeline legislation intrigues me even more. The expression especially from Senator Jingle. What does like a duck on a June bug mean?  He also mentioned aquifer.  There is an actual aquifer in Arkansas that supplies water to the Rice. This aquifer has been drying up since the year 2000 worried about the farming in south arkansas to the fact that before this drying up the Senator I am fairly sure was behind the laws of government paying poor farmers for their crops although the crops go bad.  I have overheard actual farmers tell me that some farms could make more money from letting them go bad then growing a good crop.

I pray that there is some way to open the records enough for at the least some could know what happened and what is going on with the rice, oil, aquifer, blood. This way public can decide which politicians are making the best decisions for our country, for our children………

All I know is that Senator Jay Bradford won the election against Knox Nelson that year and Nelson’s power subsided some. Governor Bill Clinton back then went on to become President.  I am wondering what great outcomes became of the closed records????????????????????