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Strategies for Success Week one

  • Which student resource included on the Campus Common do you anticipate being the most useful or helpful to you personally, and why? Identify one student resource and discuss one reason you can see yourself using this resource as an SUO student.

The Tutoring Center will be the most beneficial to me. Having somewhere to talk to others about the new material, answer questions, and provide feedback on assignments is beneficial in making better grades and gaining confidence while increasing my knowledge.

  • Select and identify two essential skills or “cornerstones” you feel are important to you personally, academically, and/or professionally from Chapter 1, Figure 1.

Two skills that are important to me personally, academically, and professionally are passion and adaptability.  Without passion I would not have the ablility to keep on with the things I must and the other skills needed to complete college.  I would say forget it it’s not worth it. I don’t like what I do. With passion I love what I do and do what I love. No matter what obstacles get in the way I want to continue. This is where adaption comes second for me. Because even though there is passion and I love what I do and do what I love, I must adapt to get it done.  Circumstances and things will always happen in my daily life that constantly require adaption and smart choices.

  • How will your college courses help you to develop each of the skills/cornerstones you selected? Discuss at least one way for each skill you selected.

My college course will help me continue my passion for business by teaching me needed skills to lead others like communication and personality types. I desire to learn to better myself and to help others.  My courses will help me with adaptablility by teaching me skills I do not know anything about at the moment like accounting, finance, profits, economics. With these new learned skills I will be able to adapt to feel comfortable in managing an entire clinic.

  • How will these two essential skills or cornerstones encourage your success as a professional? Discuss one reason why each of your chosen skills will be important to your professional success.

Passion is important to my professional success because without passion I would not be able to continue. Passion is what drives me to continue as a nurse now. I love helping others even at their worst. Sick people are not the happiest, easy to get along with people. You can call me strange if you want but I have a passion to help others even at their worst. If I did not have this passion or lost this passion, I have no doubt I would not continue.

Adaptablility is important because things happen all the time and I have to make a decision of what to do for my patients, employees, and building.  I am the one in charge. If a fire breaks out, I am the one leading the whole team in what to do. The patients all sign a contract on admission that they will listen and do what the charge nurse says.