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English Comp I W2A3



Paying Bills On­-line

By Lori Schreiner

English Composition I

South University On-line

May 30, 2012


            Going to college, work, and my son’s schedule keep me very busy.  My days are so full that I do not have time to get to the post office before it closes.   At times,  bills are due before knowing.  I always have the internet at my fingertips no matter where I am.  The mobile phone has 4G unlimited access.  Technology has made life easier to plan and pay bills on time that will not get overlooked.  Paying bills on-line saves time, money, and natural resources.

Before having internet access, I physically went to a payment center within a certain time frame.  With the schedule so busy, time runs out for simply paying bills.  I would get off work at 8pm when no site is open.  This has inconvenienced me to the point of my electricity being turned off.  I went home to a daughter devastated.  No way for her to get ready for school the next morning. Her natural curls would never straighten without electricity to heat up the iron.  We left our inconvenienced home and checked into the Holiday Inn.  While no electricity was at home, we were enjoying the comfort of an indoor pool, cable television, and other amenities of the hotel.  The  extra money spent paying for the hotel room is avoidable paying bills on-line.

The internet makes the days of paying bills easier by allowing time for relaxation.  Paying bills no longer requires showering, dressing, and applying make-up.  Simply wake-up and type .  The energy bill paid from the comfort of the bed in pajamas is on time.  The website shows the current bill due, due date, and past amounts paid.  Without internet, driving to a location center through traffic after work becomes a dreaded ritual;  the payment center’s operating hours remain closed before work.  It would be more convenient before work due to less traffic.    Hitting 5 o’clock rush hour traffic, driving extra miles to reach the payment center; the traffic slows down to a crawl on the interstate.  When reaching the scene, it looks  as though everyone must pay at the same time.  The line stretches all the way to the door.   A long wait in line taking more time away from other important things such as homework, sleep, and dinner is frustrating to anyone.   Waiting in a line is not very convenient.

Paying on-line not only saves time, it also reduces money spent.  Gas is so expensive that being at home saves 5 dollars of gasoline to drive to a location center.  Not only is money saved on the expense to get there; envelopes, stamps, or money orders are no longer purchased.  By using the debit card over the internet, checks are not even an issue.  The cost of the supplier for the product is also reduced.  They can decrease employees and cut out the price of mailing bills.  These things help to keep the cost of the product affordable to everyone.

Another benefit of paying bills on-line is the saving of natural resources.     No longer receiving  bills by snail-mail decreases paper use.   A notice sent through e-mail politely states the next due date.  By paying direct from my fingertips on the computer, all paper decreases in the process. Checks are not needed.  The receipt is on the computer.   Storing the receipt in a file on the computer is simply accomplished in a few clicks.  Trees needed to make paper for these documents are now saved.

Technology has made my life simpler.  I now have time to relax doing other things.  Paying bills on-line gives me freedom to use my time for school, work, or sleep.  I no longer have a headache trying to get off in time to get to a payment center before it closes only to get into a traffic jam and miss the cut off time.  I save gas, money, and trees.  I will definitely continue to pay bills on-line.