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English Comp I Week 2

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Apathy is when you do not care what happens in a situation.  I feel this way when I think my opinion does not matter and others will choose one way whether I am for or against, so why bother with discussion?  I would consider this a waste of time and energy when I could be doing other things more enjoyable.  I do admire politicians that speak up for their causes against greater forces like the oil industry, electric companies, big banks, and Wall Street.  Are they for the little people anymore?  The little people are so full of apathy due to justice not seen that no one is for the people anymore.  Politicians in it for what they can get from the big banks, Wall Street, electric companies, oil industries.  It seems like one conglomerate against another not people vs. conglomerate.  Apathy causes voters not to vote, and politicians to ignore their cries.

The healthcare industry is so high priced now that people are seen as a price tag and not someone’s relative or friend.  The powers in Washington are constantly looking for ways to decrease the payment from Medicare, but not ways to reduce the price of the medications.  You cannot decrease the payment of the Medicare without more sickness happening to the patients because the cost is not going down.  The patient will not be able to afford the treatment, and the employer will not be able to afford to pay workers.  Hospitals and clinics will continue to close up.  Recently a hospital in downtown San Antonio is closing.   The original date in November has now moved up to July.  The workers found out from the newspaper and not the employer that they would be looking for a new job in a month’s time.

People hurting that are nurses, doctors, and technicians.  These caregivers will probably go on doing their work elsewhere saving lives without caring about the big things like hospital closings, and continued Medicare payments. The healthcare workers care about the patients getting better and their families provided for.  Apathy abounds for the bigger things because they have no control at all what happens.

Could a politician stand up and tell a pharmaceutical company that your medication can no longer cost $1000 per dose?  This will not work either because the pharmaceutical companies have to pay the cost of research of new drugs. Every drug goes through testing at the Food and Drug Administration, before it is considered safe.   This is very costly and creates increased prices of the medications already considered safe. When the medication is first released as considered safe for use, the drug company has to pay out of pocket to market the drug.  They are taking a chance that it will be a profit in the future.  The reason the drug company has to eat the cost is because Medicare and insurance companies do not pay for a new medication until after it has reached the point of proving that the medication decreases hospital visits decreasing insurance payouts.  This in turn puts a damper on new cures.  This hold up will lead to holding up scientists to continue research.

The prices are so costly in an economy that is bankrupt that the solution could only become a global matter and no longer a little person matter.  Maybe have the UN decide to back scientist for so many years for a cure.  They decide which country gets the subsidy for the cure.  Then after the cure is found the UN funds the cost of providing the cure.  I am sad to say that my little vote is just a needle in a haystack.  With so many not caring, the world is stagnant and decreasing in healthcare.  We must all come together to end the apathy that is allowing congress to not care for us.


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I am currently attending two colleges one for a bachelor’s degree of Nursing and another for a bachelor’s degree of Business Administration. This is my assignment last week in English Comp I discussion.  I love this class more than any class taken in a very long time.  My comments are all that I am posting and not my classmates.  Just this day 20 minutes ago I was carpet shampooing my carpet in the back room and heard a light knock on the door it was my books for next semester in my  Nursing school: five books for my literature class. And one very little book for my professional Nursing class.  I am so blessed; I want to smile until I cry so blessed. The nursing books are what put me to sleep and the literature, well  I want to read non-stop this is so way cool:)

Here is the assignment last week for Business English Comp I South University on-line, Professor Gabriel Smith.

Unit 4: Week 4 – W4: Assignment 2 Discussion

Discussion Question

Discuss some strategies that Hughes uses to achieve universality. You might, for example, call attention to the story’s impersonal point of view, the lack of descriptive detail about the character’s appearances, and the generality of the information about the characters’ lives.


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Mark as Unread Contrast, scenery, characters Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/4/2012 5:06:10 PM

            In the short story Early Autumn, by Langston Hughes; the author uses imagery and characters in a way to convey emotion without much description of the characters themselves. Langston uses the conversation, and background to influence the readers’ imagination. Upon first reading this fabulous story, the contrast of age, scenery changes during the conversation, and character names themselves give the sense that old age is something we all face sometime in our lives.

Mary’s age is older than Bill.   Early in the story the thoughts of Bill are that Mary looks old.  Later Hughes writes, “She had been older than he then in Ohio.”(Hughes, para5), to allow readers to clearly see Mary not only looks older; Mary is older than Bill. This attention and contrast to age leads me to think more deep about old age and young age. How in general people or I react whenever seeing an older person.  How I view getting older and old age myself.

Next, the scenery, contrasting during what is happing during the story; continues leading my thoughts towards old age vs. young age.  During the sentences,” It was late afternoon. Nearly sunset. Cold.” (Hughes, para4) Hughes wrote this in the dead middle of the story.  This is the exact time in the story that Bill is facing Mary directly and asking a few personal questions. This scene has me thinking by using scenery that Bill thinks old age is approaching closer to him about to reach out.  Then the conversation gets a little more personable and an almost invite pursues.  He tells her she is welcome to visit.  At this very moment, the scene changes more Hughes writes,” The leaves fell slowly from the trees in the Square. Fell without wind. Autumn dusk. She felt a little sick.”(Hughes, para8) The closer Bill (young age) gets to Mary (old age) the scene is aging also.  After the leaves falling without wind, the bright lights come on suddenly, Hughes writes,”… chains of misty brilliance in the blue air.”(Hughes, para10) at the same time Mary (old age) is leaving. This scenery change gives the feeling that Bill (young age) is happy to see (Mary) old age leave.          Not only does the scene have me thinking about old age vs. young age; the characters themselves Hughes brilliantly creates in my mind’s eye an older women that is struggling with everything inside her to stay young and a younger man that wants to like old age but not let it encompass himself.  Mary seems bitter and looks older to Bill.  Mary caused Bill to become bitter toward women.  The meaning of Mary is bitter.  Mary works at a Bursars office, so I assumedly think Mary likes to be around youth. She has three children. She names her youngest son after Bill (young age). She is desperately trying to hang on to her youth.  Hughes writes, “Bill was still young.”(Hughes Para 5). Bill (young age) means will, helmet protector.  Bill is protecting himself from Mary, bitter, (old age).  He is a lawyer “way downtown” (Hughes para3).  This makes me think that Bill (young age) can almost legally protect himself from Mary (old age). Bill’s wife’s name is Lucille. The meaning of Lucille is bright light. To me this name and along with the scenery changing to brilliance upon Mary (old age) leaving leads me to think Bill (young age) wants to stay youthful and a safe distance from Mary (old age).             The use of contrast of age, scenery and names of characters lets the reader face old age and think about getting older.  Do I want to grow old gracefully or rush into it?  Am I comfortable with aging?  My mind will probably sleep on this one for a while. Hughes is a brilliant author and this seems like to me part of a movie script almost pure genius.

Mark as Unread RE: Contrast, scenery, characters Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/4/2012 6:08:23 PM
Hughes achieves universality in that he does not physically describe the characters.  We know them by what the other thinks of them, dialogue and scenery.  It lets the reader decide to each of us what they look like.  Hughes only gives facts through dialogue. 1. Mary looks old, 2. Bill looks young, 3. Mary is older, 4. Bill is younger, 5. Mary works at a college, 6. Bill works at a law firm, 7. Bill has 2 children, 8. Mary has 3 children, 9. Mary’s youngest child’s name is Bill, 10. Bill’s wife’s name is Lucille .
This is written to a universal audience pure brilliance:)
This is so cool; because with my own writing, I feel sometimes only people not from my country are the only ones that understand me. I would love to be able to write universal and everyone understand something from the writing. Or at the very least ask a question.

Mark as Unread RE: W4A2:Discussion Question Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/5/2012 8:32:46 AM
Very good Thelma 🙂 you make these points very clear to me thankyou.

Mark as Unread RE: W4A2:Discussion Question Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/5/2012 8:34:28 AM
This story somehow has me think about the past in the way of relationships if I have any regrets meeting or not seeing someone ever again. I think I am ok with my life as it is 🙂

Mark as Unread RE: Contrast, scenery, characters Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/5/2012 11:23:45 AM
yes I love literature:) I have glance already at the other two. And one brings to mind embaressment and the other shock. I love reading both of these out loud is very fun. Reading silently you do not get the whole effect of the stories amazing indeed. How they do it????

Mark as Unread RE: Wk 4 A2 Discussion “Early Autumn Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 12:50:11 AM
Through your perspective of this encounter I can see the childlike veiws of love.  That people search constantly everyday wondering what brings us together and it is the moment we are in.  What creates static is distance, time and looking to the past with regret. We forget about ourselves completely and focus on the one person not ever letting go completely. Continuing on in this pattern can create bitterness, resentment, aging, getting older and older. To stay youthful look at the present and be happy, let go of the past with no regrets. Now I am young and have no regrets of anything I can just play all day and have some fun happy with life and everything around me, I love myself, my life, my career, everything about me.  I have no regrets. Everyone and anyone and every situation I have encountered from the moment I was alive until now is my past up until this very moment. I have no regrets for I clearly love myself :)))))I am forever young for I have no regrets. I love, I love, I love.
Very good Patricia:)

Mark as Unread RE: Wk 4 A2 Discussion “Early Autumn Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 12:57:47 AM
The hustle and bustle of everday life can cause the rift to start creating the static. When you ever feel a shock of static electricity stop for a second and look at what is happening.  Have fun and smile it is only the moment you are at that is frustrating not the future or the past just that moment. Shock now you are young again. The future and past just collided and bam its electric shock, just happy to be alive and who you are at that moment. 🙂

Mark as Unread RE: Wk 4 A2 Discussion “Early Autumn Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 1:26:25 AM
Bam electric shock I don’t want to come down I want to stay here forever young, no distance anywhere just the moment if it gets away searching can I find it or is everyone too busy? Sewing, cooking, doing their favoite things happy they are alive and ignoring me, no one wants to play with me, no one wants to teach me, no one wants to sing with me, no one wants to dance with me, no fun so I just sing on my own, dance on my own older , older here I come no regrets though this is kinda cool I am happy just being me, open the car door and BAM electric shock, in the moment the future and the past ………………etc……

Mark as Unread RE: Wk 4 A2 Discussion “Early Autumn Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 1:39:14 AM
I am older loving life this is fresh all new to me. I love myself because everything until this moment is me and I would not be here without it. BAM electric shock now I am singing happy birthday to my patient who turned older today or is she forever young????? Bam electric shock I sing with my co-workers on this busy day that was held up from the start with five machines down and going on overdrive.  BAM electric shock its not just one patient but two patients’ birthday today:)

Mark as Unread RE: Wk 4 A2 Discussion “Early Autumn Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 2:08:22 AM
She’s forever young shes smiling on a machine, loving life this moment everthing she is from the past, I don’t question the love it’s there all around me in the air, if I get too busy BAM electric shock the future and the past meet at that moment all at once pure happiness that can not escape. NO arguing no fighting happy at this moment no questioning it’s love in the moment no regrets no questions I am here at this moment 🙂

Mark as Unread RE: W4: Assignment 2 Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 2:40:07 AM
Yes Lori,
I think that she left happy becoming bitter and aging clinging to the past not letting go to move on.  He was left bitter during the relationship now happy. It lets me see the circle and now that Mary said goodbye to Bill again in such a short meeting I can hope that she can now let go and not stay bitter anymore happier with herself.
Anyways I always love the happy ending:) I tell my son that is the best because so many in real life will go to war to find a happy ending it is that much of a desire you struggle and fight to find the happy ending.   I tell him never get bored of happy endings that is what everyone searches for:)
The way Hughes wrote this universal is that you can envision the future and the past however you want; he left out much detail.  This is so cool:) In the middle can represent middle age also. Where the young and the old collide.

Mark as Unread RE: W4: Assignment 2 Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 8:45:05 PM
Sometimes I handle it not so good but I know it is just for that moment but I try so hard; sometimes its just not fair at all. But in the end if your truthful and loving and your deepest desire is love you will not be bitter. I give it to a higher power than me; because I can’t do anything at all by myself.  I am just a little girl in a big big world. Then I just stand up lol all the bible says thats left. When you have done all that you can STAND.

Mark as Unread RE: week4 assigment2 Lori Schreiner Email this Author 6/6/2012 8:56:22 PM
I have the same problem of the sleep when I read anything with learning something new. If it is something that I know the meaning while I read I love it and read fastly and can’t put it down. Text books I can’t read unless I am really really really wanting to and drink caffein and force myself awake and think about it as I have to read this no matter what. I find that the more I read the more that it is easier because now I know and it is easier.  So breaking all the vocabulary down the first time through looking up meanings of what I don’t know helps in the future very much.  My health as well:)