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Apathy is when you do not care what happens in a situation.  I feel this way when I think my opinion does not matter and others will choose one way whether I am for or against, so why bother with discussion?  I would consider this a waste of time and energy when I could be doing other things more enjoyable.  I do admire politicians that speak up for their causes against greater forces like the oil industry, electric companies, big banks, and Wall Street.  Are they for the little people anymore?  The little people are so full of apathy due to justice not seen that no one is for the people anymore.  Politicians in it for what they can get from the big banks, Wall Street, electric companies, oil industries.  It seems like one conglomerate against another not people vs. conglomerate.  Apathy causes voters not to vote, and politicians to ignore their cries.

The healthcare industry is so high priced now that people are seen as a price tag and not someone’s relative or friend.  The powers in Washington are constantly looking for ways to decrease the payment from Medicare, but not ways to reduce the price of the medications.  You cannot decrease the payment of the Medicare without more sickness happening to the patients because the cost is not going down.  The patient will not be able to afford the treatment, and the employer will not be able to afford to pay workers.  Hospitals and clinics will continue to close up.  Recently a hospital in downtown San Antonio is closing.   The original date in November has now moved up to July.  The workers found out from the newspaper and not the employer that they would be looking for a new job in a month’s time.

People hurting that are nurses, doctors, and technicians.  These caregivers will probably go on doing their work elsewhere saving lives without caring about the big things like hospital closings, and continued Medicare payments. The healthcare workers care about the patients getting better and their families provided for.  Apathy abounds for the bigger things because they have no control at all what happens.

Could a politician stand up and tell a pharmaceutical company that your medication can no longer cost $1000 per dose?  This will not work either because the pharmaceutical companies have to pay the cost of research of new drugs. Every drug goes through testing at the Food and Drug Administration, before it is considered safe.   This is very costly and creates increased prices of the medications already considered safe. When the medication is first released as considered safe for use, the drug company has to pay out of pocket to market the drug.  They are taking a chance that it will be a profit in the future.  The reason the drug company has to eat the cost is because Medicare and insurance companies do not pay for a new medication until after it has reached the point of proving that the medication decreases hospital visits decreasing insurance payouts.  This in turn puts a damper on new cures.  This hold up will lead to holding up scientists to continue research.

The prices are so costly in an economy that is bankrupt that the solution could only become a global matter and no longer a little person matter.  Maybe have the UN decide to back scientist for so many years for a cure.  They decide which country gets the subsidy for the cure.  Then after the cure is found the UN funds the cost of providing the cure.  I am sad to say that my little vote is just a needle in a haystack.  With so many not caring, the world is stagnant and decreasing in healthcare.  We must all come together to end the apathy that is allowing congress to not care for us.

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