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Roads Lived ON and a Friend Dearly Missed

Earlier this year I was searching information on a Highway that I lived on during my childhood sexual abuse year.  It was a clay gravel road with one way bridges for awhile then paved.  So many potholes on the road our school bus rattled every bolt loose.  Whenever it rained the school bus had to go an alternate route through logging roads 30 miles out of the way to get us to school by 2nd period.   I lived halfway between Sheridan and Redfield on this gravel road.   On a little gravel road called Qualls Rd.  There was a trail from the neighbors yard through the woods to take a shortcut for the bus stop.  This was a relief during winter days due to only time used because of ticks so bad.  Although I found myself running down the trail a few times to get to the bus on time during warm weather.  The day at school was spent picking c-ticks off my skin.  Once walking this trail while carrying my Arkansas History book a bird crapped on the book.   Behind this house back then where this trail was- was a pastuer with black cows.  My friend Kim Harris lived there.  I remember wearing red shirt and running from the cows across the wooden steps built across the fence.  Kim had all kinds of animals at her house including peacocks.  There was a big ladder platform with a handlebar swing that everyone played.  I moved from here during the summer after 8th grade. I moved to Watson Chapel on Cross Road.   After highschool, I met Kim again.  We became close friends again. She drove a little blue car and we sang and sang everywhere we went.  She was a little songbird.  She continued to live at the same location but was changed some now the trail that I walked to catch the bus on was her driveway.  I thought that was very cool.  No more catching ticks through the pine thicket trail.  While I was researching I discovered her trajic death.  She was murdered. I miss her. I am just now able to sing in my car again without crying. 

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Update: Double shooting in Grant County

Reported by: David Goins
Updated: 12/08/2010 8:51 pm Published: 12/03/2010 10:53 am
Grant County, AR – A simple 911 hang up call brought deputies to the house at 8227 Highway 46 east of Sheridan just after 8:00 Friday morning.  But when they arrived they found a gruesome scene — two people shot in the head.
“Something like this isn’t supposed to happen.”
That’s what the Sheriff is saying about the gruesome double shooting in Grant County.
Detectives are working leads right now at the Grant County Sheriff’s Office. But this is a double shooting with whole lot more questions than answers.
“Right at this point we’re kind of at a loss as to why this occurred,” Sheppard says.
Sheriff Robert Sheppard says Garry Harris died in the home.  His daughter, 38-year-old Kimberly Tiger, was taken to Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. Initial reports stated she had died in transit but it now appears she may be on life support.
Detectives have few solid leads.  There are no signs of struggle or forced entry and nothing was taken.
As word quickly spread about the shooting, family members arrived at the quiet Grant County home.
The Sheriff says he doesn’t know why the father and daughter were targeted.
“Mr. Harris is the kind of fellow that never has had a problem with anybody, gets along with everyone,” Sheppard says.  “Co-workers know him and know him to be in a close-knit family and polite.  Something like this is not supposed to happen.”
Now detectives are working to find out why it did, and even more important, who’s responsible.
Harris worked for the Pulaski County Road and Bridge Department with his wife. Today was his day off; his wife was at work when the shooting happened.
The Sheriff says he doesn’t know if the victims were targeted or if the shootings were random.
Even without that information, the Sheriff adds he doesn’t have concern for the neighborhood about possible additional attacks.
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golfdude – 12/6/2010 7:57 AM
1 Vote
Thanks Shameless, as anyone knows, we like to throw punches on here as much as anyone, but not when it comes to cold hearted murder.

shameless – 12/4/2010 2:33 PM
2 Votes
TO majique:—May you NEVER have to face the trials and trivlations this family is now facing. But if and when you do may others have more mercy for your pain than to make wise cracks as to the location rather than the impact this will have on you, your family and friends. I feel for fools such as you….the location of the town city county directions anything matter….like bambi’s mom said to him when he was laughing at thumper—IF YOU CANT SAY SOMETHING NICE—-THEN SAY NOTHING AT ALL….THIS IS THE TIME TO MOURN WITH THE FAMILY OR STFU AND SAY NADDA..WHY SHOW YOUR IGNORANCE???? I guess it was your home raising. But around these parts it makes little difference if you are friend or foe—-this is a tragidy taht should NEVER happen to anyone even ignorant a*(*&( like you.

shameless – 12/4/2010 2:28 PM
2 Votes
omg do we have IDIOTS in here or what. If you cant say anything that is within reason,,,,STFU….this is a tragedy, this girl is she still alive or is it complete life support? Either way the family has several hard and very painful decissions to make. I have had to make these same decissions just a few years ago myself. I have a suggestion to make tho I hope it is not out of turn or I get razzed but the truth is some people dont know or dont think about it. (1) please if it is the higher powers will that this young lady passes, please consider donating her organs so that she may live on while helping another which seems to be this familys greatest strength. (2) social security benefits will cover like 155 bucks of final expenses. I know that sounds futile at this point and I swear I mean no harm but it will come in handy as I know the expeses of enternment. Peace be with you the family and friends, pull together with friends and loved ones in this you darkest hour. I wish I could offer an explanation for this tragedy but as with my own situation, I can not. I can only offer encouragment and sympathy and tell you although it seems impossible at this state time heals but leaves a jagged scar. May you find comfort in your higher power and may it guide you and give you the answers you seek. Angels to you and yours.

countryboy – 12/4/2010 5:55 AM
4 Votes
majique—-you need a punch in the mouth!!! i’ll gladly give it to you!! there is a time to be funny and a time not to be. guess which time this is? two people died show a little compassion for them and their family!! it doesn’t matter if sheridan is in grant county or grant county is in sheridan. what does matter is prayers are needed!!! this family has mine!! so does simple minded people!!

countryboy – 12/4/2010 5:45 AM
4 Votes
majique—— you need a punch in the mouth to learn you some respect!! i’ll gladly give it to you!!! there is a time to be funny and a time not to be. do you have brains enough to figure out what time this is? probaly not!

guardian1 – 12/4/2010 1:47 AM
2 Votes
I worked alongside with Garry,i really don’t understand why someone would do something like this to such loving people.Me and my Family’s Heart goes out to the Harris Family.

trophygirl – 12/3/2010 8:00 PM
2 Votes
My heart and soul goes out to the family. Yes, others are right, Grant County in Sheridan, Arkansas is a close nit family town. Rarely do we ever see such here. Our little town has a huge heart! I pray for healing of the families and strength to deal with this…God Bless Glenda Jackson McFarland

HogsCall – 12/3/2010 7:48 PM
2 Votes
So sad, prayers for family and friends.

greeneyes12345 – 12/3/2010 7:45 PM
2 Votes
Praying for the Harris family. Praying they catch the monster or monsters that did this! This is scary that something like this can happen in our community!

angel50music – 12/3/2010 7:23 PM
2 Votes
The Harris’s were friendly, quiet, Christian folks.  I have known them several years.  This is a tragedy and a waste of human life.  My heart and prayers go out to Mrs. Harris and the rest of the family.  I live in Sheridan, which, for the most part, is a quiet town with a community feel.  Things like this just don’t happen here!
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