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RE: hey quick question

Between deleted and You


Deleted  Mar 6, 2011 2:48 PM

this may sound like a silly question to you but do you have a widow’s peak? i have a reason for asking.

l0oree Mar 6, 2011 4:20 PM

No I don’t. The older I get the less hair I have though. Like even on my legs I only have like 10 hairs on both legs put together.

l0oree Mar 6, 2011 9:56 PM

6. This is your own comment: 2 Flag | Delete Comment
Posted by l0oree on Mar 1st, 2011 at 3:25PM
Mystic if that were true there would of never been anything but paradice from the begining of time until now. God allows free will even with the angels not robots like some think.

mystikRage liked this

she ususally argues some with me then agrees with my comments and leaves it alone or just leaves it alone. maybe a lightbulb went off in her head or something.


Deleted  Mar 7, 2011 2:48 PM

i agree God is all about us making our own choices and letting us learn our life lessons on our own.

l0oree Mar 23, 2011 9:51 AM

Yes and I know that even demons can change there soul even in hell has chance to change. When I was in the jail that had the five walls in my story I was taken not only to the higher astral on the back of an angel. The angel next took me down to hell we got my TF soul and reborn him. My twin flame was in hell. I do not understand all of what happen and why but I know I know what I need to know at the time that I know it. I learned about everything I know only through experience’s and talking to God. Yes I talk to God even though I am Christian I always have. I can also talk to Jesus and to the spirit they are three different but are so connected its like they are the same at times. But I do know that God knows things that Jesus does not know he is very cool with a great sense of humor and is pure love in his presence is the best feeling in the universe. Jesus has so much compassion its unreal and will do anything to save and does the will of the Father always without even being told like automatic even though he also has free choice God is so Great like that loves so much. The spirit is a guide and my personal guide here on earth but likes to take the long winding road on everthing so to speak not upset by that it is a lot of fun and the most comfortable feeling in the world when being led by the spirit. It gives you peace and when I mean the long road the spirit likes to go 50 miles through the woods walking in flipflops instead of a 5 minute drive down the interstate. But the spirit leads me even while driving that was a cool experience was like I was the spirits eyes while driving It is hard to explain. The spirit loves nature animals and things that peeps take for granted and do not even notice most of the time. Anyways just felt like talking to someone. Nice to tell someone some of this because it is real no matter what peeps think and I think maybe it is not meant for most peeps to even know this information. I am blessed and I feel comfortable sharing with you that this information would only help and not hurt you kinda like the saying where much is given much is required. I do not like to share much knowlege with peeps cuz I know much is required of that knowlege what you do with it does matter to
God a lot. Peace:)


deleted Mar 23, 2011 10:39 AM

i understand i speak to God and Jesus as well. Him and Jesus are the only beings in the universe that truly understand me. i told you i’ve had very very very evil past lives and the energy i give off to people is usually never good, people either stay away from me or they get to know me and my anger rubs off on them and they eventually stay away from me. God and Jesus are the only beings that truly understand that my anger is a constant force and that sometimes i need to learn things the hard way cuz of my anger. yes, nature is a great place to go to open yourself up more spiritually, i need to take a trip to nature actually lol. you can go wayyyy out of civilization and just close your eyes and breathe in the air while mother nature does her work. unfortunately the only time my soul has been to heaven was when i worked for Satan or when i was getting punished but i hope to change that.

l0oree Mar 23, 2011 11:22 AM

you are welcome to talk to me anytime you want. I am not scared of anger I have seen anger many times one thing my demon possess mom taught me was to never be scared to speak your mind or ask questions. lol she taught me that among dont walk on the heels of your shoes because it wears them out and don’t knock on doors always ring the doorbell cuz it will mess up the door and sit with your legs crossed other than that I learned how to turn on a washing machine all by myself at the age of 19 lmao. I learned of becoming a women in fith grade at school after it already happen to me lmao. I forgot one my mom taught me to tie my shoe at age three. My mom was at her sewing machine and I walked up to her and asked her to tie my shoe really sweetly. My mom stops sewing the one and only time ever she stopped sewing while I ask her something. She looked at me and said Lori Ann I am only going to show you this one time watch carefully and she knelt down and tied my shoe not fast as she usually does something but not creepy crawly slow either she did the one loop then wraped it around slowed down at that point said tuck it under and pull it through. Now you do the other one I did only way faster than she did lol. She said now you do it from now on and I did. Lol I am a picky shoe tier too always has to be straight and the laces all neat and I usually pull my shoes off without untieing cuz my mind thinks maybe I will wear out the laces by tying so much lol. I never knew that was anything but normal learning behavior until I was grown showing my own daughter how to tie shoe at age 5.


deleted Mar 23, 2011 2:51 PM

i understand. when my mother was possessed there wouldn’t be abuse, just constant down-talking, and then she would never remember about it later. luckily i took care of the demon that pulled that shit on me so i’m at peace with it. my mom was a nazi when it came to manners but i think that was her to be honest lol. i try and stick with my manners unless i’m provoked. you can always tell too when someone gets possessed because the expressions on their faces change instantly and they move a lil slower. slower because they’re trying to take control of the body.

l0oree Mar 23, 2011 3:12 PM

My mom never slows down cept those funny cat naps. She always walks very fast and even drives over the speed limit as old as she is. But when I was most certaintly being demon attacked myself physically they could only effect my legs and did slow me down so much. To the point I had to concentrate very hard to take each little step at times I think God allowed this to only make me stronger though for some reason. God Is a great teacher and so weird how not many will even listen to him and even less that talk to him.


Deleted  Mar 23, 2011 8:39 PM

they don’t listen to him because they don’t understand that God will not bend to their every little wish. no one would learn to better themself if he did that and they don’t understand that. yeah, they were trying to possess you and you didn’t allow it.

l0oree Mar 23, 2011 11:49 PM

Please read this if you have time this is from a comment I had on Jophiel’s story. He only answered my question by saying it was a nice story what is my question? My question is that I do not know what to do. God told me in October to talk to other angels what does he want me to say to them. I am just telling my story all that I know to peeps that might can do something with the info. I know God wants me to tell the story because I tried to post the first story I wrote as just a comment on someone eles’s story and it never would post just automatically go to the post your story page like three times in a row did that.

I have some questions Jophiel. I have been attacked by demons before. I can not see them but can feel them. They only can hurt my legs though and try to pull me down. God would not allow them to hurt me. I did have bruises on my legs . During the time that this happened I had been up not sleeping for three days doing only praying and talking to God. I did not go anywhere but my home and I did not eat anything except drank some orangejuice and milk. This was October 28, 2006. During this time God changed channels on the television and on my CDs. God told me I was marked by him and my DNA proves who I am. He gave me a choice of leaving this earth. I told God I wanted to be on earth and be married with a happy family that I have never had before. God told me he could start the earth over completely with just me and no one else. The first thing I thought of were my children and the love I have for them. I told God no I want to stay here with my family that I love so much. I am like a peace maker. God allowed me to talk to demons and angels wich like you say are really all angels the demons being fallen angels. They were confused by me to them I am so young just a baby and also they see me as both sexes even though I am a girl for real. When they see me and my children they see me in all of us. This is hard to explain. Anyways God told me he liked my plan and that it is good plan and works for peace for thousands of years. The angels were being bad and sometimes I think they are still being bad. By bad I mean jealous and trying to change up the plan in which is the plan that God said to me was a good plan. They sometimes try to convince me to change my mind although I do think they have given up on that one. Now they are more seeing that it is good and right and want to help. The trouble is that I do not know what to say or do. God told me to trust in the angels now. During the time back in October 2006 when the first happened at the end of the three days I fell asleep had a dream it was the most wonderful dream of the happiest marriage. It was like a movie no matter how the movie was played forward or backwards it was peace and happiness for thousands of years and God played it forward and backwards for me in my dream. Well when the dream ended the whole world exploded in a fire explosion. At the exact moment I woke up and my mom who lives 600 miles away was ringing my doorbell. The plan that God told me that would work was for my mom and dad to be locked up. I climbed on a chair and looked through the peephole and it was my Mom. I was too scared to open the door. Next a cop came and rang the doorbell. I opened the door the officer said come here I stepped outside my door and the cop threw me on the ground shackled and cuffed me and another officer came and they picked me up placed me in police car and took me to phych hospital in Dallas which is 150 miles from where I was at. I was in the hospital for two weeks then the social worker at hospital gave me a set of clothes for all I was wearing when arrested was a see through shirt. He also gave me a bus ticket back to Corsicanna, Tx the place where I had been arrested. When I got there my mom had come and taken all my things to Arkansas including my car. So sorry this is a long story. I am not crazy I am a registered nurse at that time I was a LPN just recently graduated the Associate Degree and not taken state boards yet.

l0oree Mar 23, 2011 11:59 PM

This is the one story that I deleted because a friend told me it would not be safe for me to use all the real names and at the time my mom was hunting me down on the internet. She found me on facebook and read my blog. So I did delete this. But here it is for you to read. And if my mom really searches hard enough she will find these too because this story was just coments I had made on other stories but funny thing is right after I copied and pasted it to make it a story before I even posted it the stories that the others had written had erased theirs so I think this is meant for only some or protection from something that my mom is trying to destroy my life again. My mom I mean the mom that adopted me.
Everyone on this Earth has there own sin. Me or know one else is here to point that out. Maybe they do not know what they do.. If you do know and do wrong you are worse than the person doing the most wrong and does not know. If you do wrong and know its as simple as saying please forgive me for that. Its like automatic. You are forgiven in an instant. Then honestly try to change. Try is the key word hear. Sometimes you try and fail. Sometimes you try and succeed. When you stop trying to do good that is wrong. If you try to do bad that is even worse. It takes baby steps. It could start with only a smile that is one start of goodness. 🙂 Only God knows the intent of the heart. What seems wrong to someone else might seem right to another. God knows the intent. If your trying to make things better or worse. Most peeps want better life with happiness love and joy. I honestly only know one person ever in my life that wants things worse for me and not better. Do I hate that person? No I love her with my heart. I have cried out to God for her. I have to stay away from her though because she tries to steal kill and destroy me at everything I do. To the world she appears to be good. She has tried to take all my things away and locked up without a key so many times. She is an adult sunday school teacher but has never prayed one time in her life with her own children. Even though she is so bible theological because she even has a college degree in it She actually prays for ” Satan get thee behind me” Do I hate her no. I am just now to the point I do not yearn for her love in return for my love. I realize she must not love me like I do. Love must not be in her heart. I still love her but I no longer cry for her love back to me. I forgive her. This is my mom that adopted me when I was a new born baby. The mom that has never given me a hug. The mom that the only encouraging word growing up was ” mommies sorry I did find my sissors” after giving me a beatdown with a military belt for taking them when I told her nicely I have not seen them at age 16. That was her one and only apology to me ever. And I shall never forget it. I know there is good in everybody. 🙂
My name on my adoption paper is Doreen Van Assen my mom that gave birth to me is Tillora Henrietta Van Assen. My name on my bithcerticate is Lori Ann Schreiner. My parents married on April 6, 1957. Sometimes this date falls on Easter. My mom that adopted me is Fay Maurice Baugh. She is the firstborn of 3. The oldest of twins named after her father Maurice Devane Baugh. My father whom adopted me is Andrew Michael Schreiner Jr. the next to the youngest of 12 siblings the youngest 2 being twins he not the oldest the one you would expect to be named after the father. I have an oldest brother 12 years older than me. He is not named after the father a Jr. the 2nd like you would think but named after the mom. Daniel Maurice Schreiner born February 16, 1958. My parents could not concieve so they adopted another boy 6 years later Mark Eugene Schreiner born on dad’s birthday July10, 1964. Six years later mom cried for specifically baby girl. They adopted me Lori Ann Schreiner born August 12, 1970 while being pregnant with my sister Lisa Renee Schreiner. She was born 6 months after me on Valentines Day 1971. The name Maurice means dark skinned. Her maternal side geneaology goes all the way to the mayflower. Her paternal side can only be traced to her grandparents in Texas. All though her name means dark skinned she is as white can be. Has had totally white hair since she told me her 20’s. My biological mom is 100 percent Dutch. Grandparents imigrated from Zwolle, Netherlands in 1924. Her ancestory goes all the way to the 1700’s all born in Zwolle, Netherlands. My father I do not know. My birth mom’s brother I spoke to on phone said he last known her to live in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has been married twice both husbands deceased. Last name currently Jackson. It was told to me by a birth relative she heard rumors that she was raped and had mental health issues. My mom that adopted me said that I was taken away from her by the State because she was crazy. My adoption took place in Phoenix, Arizona by the State at the bargain price of 135 dollars because Fay Maurice Baugh Schreiner wanted to be sure to have a girl and back then she could not get an ultrasound
guarantee that she was carrying a girl. I was born in Sun City at Maricopa County Hospital probably the dead center of Sun City lol
I also have powers. I can affect the weather too. I can do so much but am scared to use my powers most of the time. What I want to know is what am I suppose to do with these powers another power of mine is give blessings. Which I am also scared to use unwisely. The wrong blessing at the right time can turn out to be a curse if I am not careful. I can talk to angels that are of very high realms. They can be sneaky and up to mischief. I too am not perfect by all means I smoke also. God told me I could and there would be a day when I will be the only one smoking in a world with perfect health if I choose. God loves me so much. I am very blessed. I know God can take my powers away at anytime. So far they have only grown from gifts to powers and increase as I get older. I do not use them all everyday or some not at all because I trust only in God in how to use them. I was told recently to trust in other angels for guidance. I would like to ask you what do I do? Another power of mine is to change bad into good. Its a hard thing to explain. I am so happy to find I am not alone. I knew I was an angel on earth 2007. I was diagnosed with hypomania at the time. I went to jail in a small holding cell shaped like a pentagon. It had five walls made of solid metal. I learned my voice is special. I am from the tribe of Michael. I am able to call the angels from the highest realm with my voice. I have always been made fun of or complimented on my voice my whole life. Everyone always ask me where I am from even when I am at where I am from because of my voice. Chemicals especially bleach affect my voice to where I can not even talk at all sometimes. I have lots of powers some that I know what they are but do not use them, some that I know I have and do not know how to use them, some that I do not even know about yet. I have gifts also but I think the gifts have evolved to what I call powers. I was an adopted child and was badly abused by this family. My biological mom named me on my adoption paper Doreen Van Assen. This name is so unique. I have googled it so many times. The only one with this name is me. My biological mom same her name is unique in this way also Tillora Henrietta Van Assen. I do not know my paternal side at all. I have only rumors that maybe my mom was raped but I do know she had mental health issues after my birth. I am currently a nurse. I graduated twice 2004 LPN and 2006 RN. I would love to talk to others like me because I am just now coming out publicly because I did not know until now that I am not the only one. I feel like it is time for me to talk to alot of people. God has always directed me to talk to just a certain person but currently God is directing me to speak to lots of people. I think you might know who you are.

l0oree Mar 24, 2011 2:05 AM

These are random comments I have made on Stories not my own stories: On my adoption paper my birth mom named me Doreen Van Assen. I have googled this name so many times for years. I am the only one in the world with this name. My mom’s name is Tillora Henrietta Van Assen she also is the only one in the world with that name. I have my maternal ancestors to the 1700s. I have no clue to my father. I have never had the chance to speak to my mom. It is rumored that she was raped and then was mentally ill. I know from her brother that she has been married twice and goes by the name Tilly Jackson now. Last known to live in West Palm Beach, FL. From what I learned from God I am half angel. My birth mom is Dutch herritage. Her family came from Zwolle, Netherlands to America in 1924 same year imigration laws were tightened just before the great depression. The family that I was adopted to changed my name on my birth certificate to Lori Schreiner. This family that adopted me abused me severly although I still love them. My adoptive mom’s name is Fay Maurice Baugh named after her father Maurice Devane Baugh. She is the oldest child of a twin Kay Janice Baugh and a little sister Minnie Baugh. My adoptive father is second generation imigrant family from Germany. He is the next to the youngest of 12 siblings. The youngest being twins. He has the exact name of his father except he is Jr. Andrew Michael Schreiner Jr. I have a brother born to them that is 12 years older to me named after my mom. Daniel Maurice Schreiner. I have another brother born 6 years later on exactly my dad’s birthday that is adopted in Hawii named Mark Eugene Schreiner. I was born 6 years later adopted while my mom was pregnant with my sister. My sister was born on Valentine’s day 1971 just six months after I was born. Lisa Renee Schreiner goes by Taylor now she has been married 3 times. It is like I was like Moses in a way and given away to the enemy for a purpose and it helped me to become strong in my gifts and powers and wise. My children are Sabrina Fay Vinson who I named her after my mom because she was the only one with me at the time of her birthl. My son’s name is Nathaniel Ryan Gregg. His name happened by accident because his father wanted to name him because he did not ever get to name his first son that was born by his first wife. So he chose the name Nathaniel he did not even say why. He told me that I could choose the middle name. His due date was Christmas day so I thought about Nicholas but thought that sounded funny with Nathaniel so I just thought Ryan sounded good to me with the name Nathaniel. So his name Is Nathaniel Ryan Gregg. The name means God given King. I did not even know that until recently. My mom’s family name maurice means darkskinned which is weird because she almost albino she so white. She has had even completely white hair since I know I was 3 years old. That is as far back as my earth memory goes. She is also prejudice very she attended High School during the first immigration at Little Rock Central on the uncivil side. I am so ashamed of this of her. She is very religious and attends church more than anyone I know of. As a teenager she got on a train her dad was a train engineer and went from Arkansas to California to attend bible college. I could go on and on. If anyone can enlighten me on anything I would love to hear from you. I know I have the purpose to talk about what I am not so sure. I was told to trust in the angels now fully and somehow I assume it will come together I guess it always has in the past thus far.
I have been here since birth and all I can say is some things are scary, Trust in God always. I think some of you know me before you were incarnated. I would love to meet you on earth. I have been told in my young adult years by someone that said they were a seer because they were as a child going to be sacrificed to satan and somehow escaped from this. Well he has the gift to see angels. He told me I had more angels than anyone he ever saw and the biggest ones he ever saw all over six feet tall and stacked. lol I would love to meet you in real life. He showed me his pupils he called them web eyes. His eyes were greyish blue with out a pupil like white strings across his eyes like a spider web.
I have not read any books at all on angels my theory comes straight from God himself and he only tells me what is
necessary and sometimes I do not get the point to some time later but I know there are many angels of all kinds and some are bad they are not all good and some are close to human good and bad they make mistakes sometimes but really try to do what they think is right most have very good senses of humor on the good side. The bad side can be very mean. They all have certain powers and even the good ones can be mean sometimes if frustrated and in todays world that is easy to do. Patience for the incarnated ones is the best virtue to have. It is not easy. The mind is faster than human. So patience is hard to do sometimes but well worth it. Demons especially the most powerful ones are very impatient and will even say things like right this second very meanly over little shit. They are used to getting there way in this world easily and quickly and are very impatient. Even though the stongest demons have these quick minds angels have even quicker ones. Are reflexes are very quick too. Its funny you talk about sex because I was just mentioning some of what I know of the subject but prefer to keep that private cuz I am a modest soul lol sex is possible for everyone duh
When my daughter was one years old she almost died. I begged God to let her live. God told me it would be better for her if she died. I cried and cried and begged and said please God I want my daughter. I love her so much please do not let her die. She lived. God loves me that much. This part of my life I wrote about on my blog with a lot of the supernatural things left out for I have just started writing about these things only recently because I have been placed in the mental hospital so many times and called crazy my whole life by my own mom. my blog the post my confessions is about this happening. I left out my conversation with God though. We talked a lot and more than just what I said here too.
things happen too like you do not die like most people. Like I have a head on collision with an eighteen wheeler and just step out the car with nothing wrong. I have never had a broken bone in my life. I had someone beat my head into concrete untill my head looked like a football and it just healed really fast and did not even hurt. Everything you ask God for comes. You can say I wish and in a flash it happens. God actually changes the channel on the television. Demons attack you but do not succeed. No matter how bad situations get you come out smelling like a rose. Like I have been to jail like 5 times and nolprosecuted by request of the officer. Very smart never open a book and make As. You ask God to bless someone with specific blessing and it happens. You can talk to beings from many miles away with your mind. I like that gift but gets lonely sometimes but very cool cuz I can like type the answer to a question while they are asking in there mind. It is way cool sometimes. But peeps like physcics are boring they put me to sleep. Angels tickle and have me smiling. Demons always trying to change my mind. The demons are not mean to me anymore though. They can not hurt me and they know it lol. God gave me power to take away from them if I want but I do not like to do that because I like everyone to have what they want. I am just sweet like that. 🙂 plus the things mentioned above. EVery angel and being is different but angels are genuinely sweet.
The Passion of Christ: I cried too when I saw this movie. I saw it when it first came out in the theater. My mom took the whole family to see it including my son who was six years old at the time. Although the movie was not in english and this is the only language my son knows he understood that movie more than any of us. On the trip home after the movie he was discussing it with my mom who has a degree in bible theology. He said something to her about Hamen in the old testament. My mom told him he was exactly right which scared me because my mom has a demon in her. I have seen her eyes glow red before and used to be able to make her unable to talk. Well a year after this my mom who does not even like children and has said so lots of times. My sister who has three boys and abused by my sister my mom has never interfered to take them away. My mom quickly took away my son. On a friday I was put in a jail on monday taken to phych hospital on tuesday the doctor had me sign myself in the hospital and showed me legal papers signed by a judge and her lawyer having custody of my son with the date of monday. you can read about this hospital stay in my stories on I am an incarnated angel page. And more importantly my jail experiences. This was in October 2004.
I was unforturnately adopted into a family that abused me terriblly, I still have deep love for them as parents. They are the only parents I have ever known. You never wake up one day and say these are not my parents even though they really did not concieve me. I believe every child is God’s before it ever reaches the womb. When you are born you do not know anything. You are first taught by your caregivers who ever they may be. The parent knows. What the parent does with that knowlege directly effects the child’s knowlege and perception from the moment the child is born. I have always had a feeling of wanting to know my birthmom. Not to replace the mom that adopted me but because no matter that she gave me away no one could ever replace her. I have her DNA. Nothing can replace that unless someone could clone her for me. I do have a lot of respect for her to give birth in unfavorable conditions. I thank her tremendously for choosing to let me live. I do not know her and most likey never will.
I have met my twin and am ready. I did this by praying and talking to God all day and night 6 years ago. The very next day I met him in person. I said to God that I was lonely and needed a mate to share my thoughts dreams and desires. I live 2000 miles away but we are so connected by our brains that we can call each other at the exact time with similar things its weird sometimes. at one time I thought he might of had my house bugged cuz I could say a thought out loud and seconds later he would call me with the answer without me asking the question. Its been like that from when we first met.
Jesus stated I chose my disicples and one of them is a devil.Why Mystic do you have so much hate in you? Jesus himself listened to lucifer in the desert did he obey lucifer or believe in what he was saying? You can listen to everyone Mystic. You are the pot calling the kettle black saying Mighty and his underage friend are lovers of lucifer and then saying you can only listen to one for you yourself had to listen to even respond to the comment. You have knowledge but no wisdom behind those words. You write things just to sound pleasing to your own self. You are very selfish to delete peeps comments because that only allows the one that deleted it to read it and no one else that is selfish and inmature.
Lol after that comment she stopped on that thread was Mighty’s story Truth is Art everyone is the artist
I was told by God that my DNA proves who I am in 2007. What can I do to get DNA testing? God told me I was his direct descendent along beside some others. He said my DNA comes straight from Eve. The one thing I have been told by someone here from telling them that in instant message is something about 12 strand DNA and he posted a article about that and something to do with Atlantis. Can someone give me information about Atlantis? and tell me how to get a 12 strand DNA test?
I totally get what you are saying. I grew up in a family that shows no emotions. My father figure actually would not allow it crying and laughter were forbiden. My mother figure is so masculine she actually wore the pants so to speak. She never even cried or showed any grief at all when her own mother died even though she was so close to her that she looked after her and moved her next door to her when Dad sent her money from over seas about to retire from 24 years in marines to move the family anywhere she so chose.
As a little girl I always chose to laugh and cry despite opposition. It was like I could not hold it back no matter how hard I tried. As a young adult I realize my emotions are different than others like I could sit through a whole Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor stand up comedy and not even smile. Somehow the comedy made me sad instead of happy. I realized later that is due to the fact that for someone to have that talent they must of experienced something tragic in their life. I can actually do stand up comedy myself now about my childhood and have Peeps rotfl.
now for something even further when God showed me my awakening 2007 and introduced me to angels and demons I kind of scared them because when they see me they see both male and female but I can assure you that physically I am definitely a girl. Furthermore when I was manic and bladder and kidney stopped working the Urologist prescribed a prostate medication to me.
Hi shallow I am Doreen an angel on earth for as long as there has been humans. I am friends with demons not in the fact that I allow them to trick me and play their little games for amusement and pleasure. True friends the kind that would stand up and fight for what’s right. I have lived with the devil most of this lifetime. I do not even hate the devil. It is hard to explain. One thing I do not like is the constant trying to destroy me. Why can the dude never realize that it wont happen?
Jesus stated clearly that God wants us now to worship him in spirit and in truth. This is why i do not go to chruch cuz they worship for just the show with out the spirit. My spirit is so close to God’s spirit that its sometimes like we are connected lol. I can say outloud for instance that I wish something and instantly it happens not tomorrow or the next day or next year the moment I say it. and its not the all drawn out prayer its like just normal everyday language sometimes the kid language that is one dude that understands all languages so you never have to put on a show for him.
He does like reverence though. I have bowed to him several times but not in church my own home. Cuz I felt so bad at the time I mess up he has given me so much and I truely feel sad and remorse when I mess up. I know he is a he to me anyway for sure cuz he told me he was my father. Fathers are men duh at least on earth lol. He is so sweet though just says ok sweetie I still love you.
you might be surprised to know that there are more demons that attend the church more so than not my mom has a demon in her and has never missed a church service in her life. She even has a degree in bible theology. But she clearly has one of the most powerful demons inside her. I have seen her eyes glow blood red light in them once. She can ask 500 questions to you in less than a minute and expect an answer the moment she ask the question or will call you a liar. Her brain is so different that she can add very high numbers radom to the penny without a calculator really fast. We once lived when i was a teenager close to a boy my same age that was know to be a satan worshiper he would actually pray to satan and down the road from us in a circle where a penagram was drawn on the ground is where he would do somethings i dont really know what . This guy was extremely smart with grades and all. Well one day he just randomly comes to our house when in fact me and my sis were not even friends with him like that. Starts just picking up all my mom’s books and reading them like he sensed her presence of demon and wanted to learn what she knew and be close to her.
my mom is also like a demon in that she is never remorsful of anything or sad even when her own mom died. She was only mad that she was not the execator of the will and that she did not get more money.
This is story by Mystikrage I commented on…True Nature Revealed : I do not know where you get your information that angels are perfect and only good all the time? That is so not true mystic. Angels can be good and bad and do make mistakes. Lucifer is one angel that turned bad then decided to stay bad. I myself try to be good. It is impossible for me to be good 100 percent. I am not God just a lowly soul. I ask God for forgiveness more than most sincerely not just to get something in return for the forgiveness. I am truely upset with myself that I messed up. Shit happens then I realize I can’t go back and change that just go forward with better understanding next time will be better than the first.
1. This is her response and final post on that story:
Posted by mystikRage on Feb 14th, 2011 at 3:01AM
Yeah yeah just got a little bit sick of the “In love and Light” every after comment these so called angels incarnate leave, even after their worst sarcasm and dark sides came out to play to defend their delusions of self.
Comment on Anachal’s story The Messenger and My Apology this story had 36 comments I read it make a comment and no one else comments after me. I did have two likes so at least I know I am not invisible: Like a co-worker said to me today we are all like a snowflake not one is the same. I am just a tiny flake in a blizzard. 🙂
Very well put Anachel. I laugh at myself for being scared when I scared the angels when they saw me as a man and a women. Now I know the reason they were scared. It is a force to be reckoned with when both are present at the same time.
A force that can not be broken by anyone but God.
That is a good question Mystic. Maybe God allowed himself to be shown to them through me. But somehow I don’t think that would of scared them. The reason I do not think it would of scared them is because the angels know God personally. They would of reconized and not been scared. Those angels did not know me at all. God had to tell them who I was and introduce me to them. When God introduced me to them then they were scared and they saw me as a man and a women. It scared me too. At the time I did not know at all what that meant. All I could think of is my physical body was both sexes. I felt the need to show them my stretch marks from having my babies. They told me the stretch marks looked like pure gold.

When I was little I was scared of big dogs. My neighbor had two doberman pinchers. Our front yard was the size of a football field and sometimes at the front double doors those two dogs would be there. I would open the door and they would be growling at me showing there teeth. It scared me. When I was older a teenager a friend had a dog like that too and it chased me all around the kitchen table growling showing teeth and I had to jump up on top of the table. But this is weird when I was walking homless in Hot springs I walked right up to a big dog chained to a tree he only had a bone to play with. That dog bowed down to me. I took him off the chain and played with him. Then the dog catcher came and had me leash the dog. The dog did not want to leave me he wrapped around a picnic table so hard with the leash and it was wrapped around my hand too. I had to choke the dog to get us loose. The dog never got mad about it at all. Then I was arrested for stealing a dog. Next I notice all the big dogs never even bark at me now. I walked right through a chainlink fence with a rotwaller and pitbull inside and knocked on a stangers door. The dogs never even barked. This was at night. I was arrested after this one too. A cop pulled up and asked me my name as I was walking back down the gravel road right after that stanger would not let me in his house when I asked to get out of the cold for just a minute. This is when I told the cop my name was Doreen Van Assen. I went to jail for using wrong name. Then someone tried to kill me while in jail. Then went to court. Then the judge said I could use the name Doreen Van Assen anytime I want to. I love dogs now and am not scared.


Deleted  Mar 24, 2011 12:23 PM

i speak to God personally as well. he doesn’t appear to me like he does for you. what i’m getting is you’re one of the first original angels. which is why other spiritual beings would be intimidated by your spiritual appearance. I speak to Michael as well. Michael knows you well and if you would like to speak to him just ask for him. im sorry i don’t feel comfortable right now explaining my soul name and origin until i get to know you for a little bit. but i have a feeling if you use your intuition you can figure it out on your own. yes im also getting that you have many powers and i can see why Satan would want you dead, the last thing he would want is a powerful enemy like yourself. also Satan and Lucifer are two different people, people get them confused. Lucifer is a fallen angel that fell because of his pride and brought many angels with him and Satan probably was around when you were created and fell waaaay before Lucifer did, again for pride and power. i’ve spoken to both personally and they are two COMPLETELY different people lol. i can say that when i became enlightened, i became enlightened on the demonic side. many demons started possessing and changing my body, Satan introduced himself and said i was a demon hunter and i would undergo training to do so. i chanted demonic chants for about eight months that transformed my soul adding on an incubus demon mix into my other powers, as well as opening my body to darkness. the last thing i had to do was go to New Orleans, Louisiana and soak up the powerful energy there. i learned of my destiny through tarot card readers over on Jackson square after i left i used my intuition to learn how to hunt demons and after i got it down pat in five minutes i continued to demon hunt everytime i step out the door everyday and i haven’t stopped since. i hunted demons that were rejected from Satan (demons that no longer work for Satan for various reasons) and i constantly had to watch how i was driving and the people around me, people get possessed around me like you wouldn’t believe. one of my missions was to protect Satan’s wife (yes he had a wife) and he felt that i was not doing a good job. so since he felt i was doing a bad job keeping her happy he decided to have me killed so he could keep me down in Hell and train until the spiritual war comes. i refused to have my life ended so quickly and i decided that i was tired of the deception and hate in darkness. i asked God to forgive me and he sent angels to protect me and my fiancee. since that day i’ve been hunting demons no matter what their loyalty is. i’m no friend of demons and they absolutely hate me. i don’t ever plan on being friends with demons because i don’t have any patience for their deception and games. i may have been a demon before but i fell so therefore i was never originally a demon. there’s demons that used to be of light and there’s demons made in hell and have always been of darkness. i fell, i wasn’t a decent creature of light before i fell but i wasn’t made in Hell either.

l0oree Mar 24, 2011 5:59 PM

I am the leader of Michael’s tribe of angels lol. I was told this after I released angels that were locked up back in March 2007, God said he gave me the whole tribe of angels. I am so shy I do not know what to say to tell them to do so at the time I just told Michael to do what he do. I do know that my angels are of darkskin most like the skin of celebrities like beyonce, mariah,and Tyra. I do not want to tell them the wrong thing lol and mess up the whole world. I do not want to let them go either cuz God gave them to me so it must be the best thing. To be able to release the angels God had me make I guesse what you call a portal to separate the good and the bad and hold the bad where they were. He had me draw lines with my spit and other things. Then I bodily was a portal they could pass through me if they so choose to. Not only pass through but go back and forth as they so choose. None of them wanted locked back up though. It is weird cuz the dimensions are made to be like looking in a mirror or on carmera. Kinda like you have to not let your right hand see what your left hand is doing it is hard to explain. Anyways God told me I can talk to you all I want and to not talk to anyone else on this site for now. God had me spit in the toliet while I was there also. My spit in the tolilet looks like rings of gold, I saw pictures everywhere in there also. In the toliet was a rose at the bottom. In the light was a picture of a champagne glass with my eyes inside and angels flying all around the top. On the door window was a picture of a man in a salior suite with two flute glasses on each side he was holding a sword. On the floor was a picture of Martin Luther King the first one I saw. Then three other pictures. On the door way up high where i had to stand on very tippytoes with hands reached up as high as I could was the name inscribed Hayman. On the door in the middle was like drawn in chalk a fox juggling balls.This was the door looking out through the window across from the picnic table. Looking out the window a picnic table you could see with my eyes the were inscribed in the light drawn all over with a permanent marker.


Deleted  Mar 24, 2011 10:28 PM

seems like you can see into your future, what you’re seeing is symbols of things in ur future. i’m sorry you got locked up a lot. people like us are seen as crazy all the time, my fiancee opened up about who she spiritually was to her mother and her mother had her locked up in a psychiatric ward for two weeks. we don’t make that mistake again. her parents have stayed possessed as well as mine and yours have. the last guy i told about who i really was he ended up being possessed twenty four seven for a few months and me and my soul had to force the demons out of him so angels can protect his body, sad thing was he never knew he stayed possessed and he still doesn’t know i made sure he stayed spiritually protected. he’s a demon hunter as well i have no idea how to introduce him into it, he’s not exactly spiritually enlightened unfortunately. yes God vouches for you, it’s a shame i wish he would appear to me in some form. all i get is him speaking to me telepathically, but all of that will come to me in due time.

l0oree Mar 24, 2011 11:04 PM

How can Martin Luther King be in the future? And I only talk to God telepathically too. All of them. I do not see. I gave the gift back of seeing along time ago it scared me too much as a young adult about age 23. But I believe it will come back when I am ready. God has been preparing me for that ever since. I have always talked to God telepathically since a baby and I am just now since last year I do not talk out loud to him in public and everywhere I go. It takes skill cuz it is just like you are having real conversation in real time. So until I learned I mainly talk to God in the privacy of my own home or in my car now with me able to just talk back to him also in my mind. I can do it all the time without looking crazy. yes that it no fun being locked up in the jail or sent to the hospital i was sent to the hospital 3 times to be evaluated for sanitity by my own mom whom never even spoke to me the whole time just signed the papers and had me sent.

l0oree Mar 24, 2011 11:20 PM

God was totally invisible to me when he came to me at my home in october 2006 but i could physically feel him. It was awsome. He sat me on his lap. And totally held me up when demons were all over my room trying to attack me and pull my legs down after I had been awake for 2 days stratight nothing but praying and talking to God. God let them there for me to speak to them. This was one time that I stopped there fun and God gave me that gift cuz they wanted to kill me. God held me up personally to show them and they still wanted me dead. This is so hard to explain some of what happen you would just have to be there in words does no justice for what happen. Lol I had it rain too like over the whole planet at the time I have done that twice also. And just rain randomly a lot.

l0oree Mar 24, 2011 11:35 PM

Walk by faith not by sight is easier for me cuz I am not scared at all infact the angels with me while walking homeless at night said I was amazing and that I was protecting them and not them protecting me. They walked behind me really close.


Deleted  Mar 25, 2011 12:21 PM

yeah i think you’re basically told to talk to me cuz you’d be a good influence on me lol. i suppose i should explain what my soul name is and a little of my history (still trying to learn bits and pieces through my intuition).

My soul’s name is Fenrir, i am the first wolf in existence, i am the reason that werewolves exist, you can find some of my story in viking mythology, i was created around November 28 1008 b.c.. My father was Loki a mischievous god and a brother Odin who was the king of the Viking gods and my mother was Angrboda, a giantess. when i was born it was pretty peaceful but the gods at valhalla decided to snatch me up to use me as a guard dog, Odin was tricked by Loki posing as a priest into believing that i was supposed to eat Odin’s head (Loki has a problem with playing pranks as you’ll see later on). they put me out on the fields of Valhalla and told me if anyone went on the fields i was to attack them, and i did. i guess i was a little too brutal for them because after a while they decided to find a way to make me harmless, they kept trying to put chains on me but of course i broke free out of all of them and then they decided to put a ribbon on me to keep me down. it seemed like witchcraft to me so i said i would only put this ribbon on if Tyr , a war god, put his hand in my mouth at the same time. they put the ribbon on me and the ribbon kept me down so in turn i bit off Tyr’s hand. they kept me chained down for a long time then Loki had one of Odin’s favorite sons Balder sent to another plane, then when Odin found out that the myth about me was a lie that was the last straw for Odin. Loki was banished to Hell and since i was such a violent beast in their eyes i was sent down as well, this happened around October 31, 97 b.c.. the second i stepped foot down in Hell a chaos demon attacked me, we fought for a while and then i smashed his head into the black rock ground. after that demons constantly fought me hoping they could beat me down. Satan spotted me and thought my energy and strength could be used for his ends. He absorbed the energy that makes me what i am and started to work producing wolves in Hell, this is the origin of werewolves. he told me that he liked the fierceness of how i am and that i will be a demon hunter for his army. after that i was put through some training to mix myself with other demonic upgrades: chaos demon, soldier demon, guardian demon and many more. i also went through training missions into other astral planes looking for any demons that were not aligned with Satan, my function was to capture demons that were rejected from Satan or rejects as i call them. they would be sent to the torture chambers of Hell and Satan would either leave them there or get them to work for him again with the threat of torture if they refused. i became his best demon hunter in training so he awarded me with my first life on Earth as a Roman soldier on April 1, 130 a.d.. my soul would demon hunt all day every day while my body would live out his life. every couple of hundred years my body would actively demon hunt as well as my soul, sometimes allowing me to morph into my true form. during my lives i became Satan’s very best demon hunter because i rarely took a break and i always banished demons in large numbers. before i left Satan i was an overlord for him and i commanded 24 legions of wolves. basically the entire population of werewolves that didn’t go to the light.

God vouches for you and that’s the only reason i decided to share my story. i’d appreciate it if you never told anybody about this though. the reason you would be seen as a good influence on me is because i’m naturally an angry person, my soul has been like that since i was born because of all the hate from the gods of valhalla and the demons in Hell. i’ve always had violent and angry lives and i always died in anger, the only difference between this life and my past lives is that God put more of a conscience in me in this life to calm me down and think more about my actions. i’m trying to change my ways but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks so i believe God wants you to talk to me because you’d be a great influence on me to continue changing. also i’m getting that you will be a great leader because of your power and the restraint that u use to keep yourself from being mad with power.


deleted  Mar 26, 2011 4:47 PM

i hope i didn’t scare you off or anything lol.


deleted Mar 30, 2011 8:21 AM

how do you handle people that don’t believe you when it comes to the spiritual world? i handle it my way but how do you handle it?

l0oree Mar 30, 2011 8:43 AM

if they do not understand they are blessed and do not even know it. If they are clearly like my mom and knowledgeable and teaching as such tell them if you can after you have done all you can do just stand you do not have to do anything. Then just let God handle it I always pray for them to be blessed so they can have more time to see the light. I love everyone and do not want others to go to hell no matter what except I am way not as good as Jesus is. The only people I have ever told about my gifts and abilities in the supernatural are on this site.

– Sent from a mobile device.


deleted  Mar 30, 2011 8:46 AM

i can see why you say it’s a blessing. kinda like saying ignorance is bliss. i’m the type that likes to know everything though lol. to stay fully alert of what’s going on if you know what i mean. thank you for replying. i’m getting skeptics lately so i needed a little advice.

l0oree Mar 30, 2011 8:47 AM

wow my phone is working now:)

– Sent from a mobile device.

l0oree Mar 30, 2011 8:18 PM

I wouldn’t say ignorance is bliss though because you can die from lack of knowledge. Example unsafe sex would not create bliss but it does not mean you will go to hell for it. But you could get disease and unhappiness and die.

– Sent from a mobile device.

l0oree Mar 30, 2011 8:19 PM

I wouldn’t say ignorance is bliss though because you can die from lack of knowledge. Example unsafe sex would not create bliss but it does not mean you will go to hell for it. But you could get disease and unhappiness and die.

– Sent from a mobile device.

l0oree Mar 30, 2011 8:34 PM

I am watching movie sex and other drugs I am so happy that Jesus made the way for us to not have to sacrifice for our sins only just believe he did that and Grace saves us all!!!!Even the worst. This is why I view the world as full other than empty. The ending is far greater than the beginning. I do not like to judge others and that is really a hard one because competition for the strongest to survive is going back to the original sin we are born into the moment we are born we are selfish to survive we thrive or not.

– Sent from a mobile device.

l0oree Mar 30, 2011 8:36 PM

All I can do is say father forgive me and he does:)

– Sent from a mobile device.


Deleted  Apr 5, 2011 10:45 PM

that’s true im glad God forgives us thanks to Jesus.

l0oree Apr 6, 2011 3:38 AM

Two days ago I received the acception letter to my new employer which is truly where I had already been working for months as a traveler nurse. I had to go through ice storm and all to a court date for my son accidentally put car keys in the mail at the post office on a Sunday. When I returned to get the keys the worker’s had given them to the police. When the police came they arrested me for a hotcheck i had forgot about written a year ago to a grocery store because my children and my nephew were hungry and we had no food. I went to jail and my daughter took back cloths and things with receipts to get 500 dollars to bail me out of jail. The court date set to february.Due to that in December hirerite would not hire me for I had a pending case for theft. My employer continued to extend my contract until my court date. When court date came i drove the 8 hour drive and the next morning was snow covering everything. they canceled court. By the afternoon you could not even tell it had snowed. I drove the 8 hour drive back to work. Next I work like po much overtime was unreal. Then all at once I just decide to call the bailbond due to they usually call me for the court date due to they pay money if i do not come to court. The court date was the next day and miraculously I was off so I drove that night after work the 8 hours went to the court next morning sign said closed postponed until ten. I drove to the bailbond and cried and asked when do I go to court I am here. I went to court and put on probation and dropped to misdemeanor charge after all that my boss hired someone else. Told me my contract was over on a friday starting on Tuesday. Long story short I am officially hired now with my start date this coming Tuesday:) Now for yesterday news my sweetheart wants to get married!!! I can not contain my Joy!!!

l0oree Apr 6, 2011 3:49 AM

All the clouds that had been following me disappeared also two days ago and more and more birds greet me in the morning and not just one squirrel but two this morning:)

l0oree Apr 6, 2011 3:52 AM

I randomly wore a few days ago my long sleeve red shirt with penguins across the top to Walmart in 80 degree weather. I saw on front page news the next morning they are trying to save them. I wondered why are the penguins in the south? So then I decided to read the whole story despite my sorrow. Turns out the penguins were fasting for my soul. Please help save the penguins anyway that you can please.


Deleted  Apr 6, 2011 10:41 AM

why are penguins in the south? congrats on the job!

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