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Conservation of Resources discussion

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Supply Vs. Demand  –Schreiner, Lori4/18/20120

The Law of Supply and Demand is at the heart of Free Market practices. Allowing markets to work with minimal government interference is an important staple of American politics. Markets can create serious problems when unattended.

Based on your assigned reading and what you come across on the Internet, briefly describe the “Law of Supply of Demand.” What are the weaknesses from an environmental perspective? Describe how these weaknesses might be addressed.

The law of supply and demand is what allows the free market to determine price.  The more supply is available of a product the less the demand and the cheaper the price.  The less supply of a product the more demand there is increasing the price.  When a lot of people are buying a product the price goes down.  The company makes lots and lots of the product.  When the people become stationed satisfied with that whim, fad or whatever reason wanting the product, the company can sell cheap an overabundance of supply.  Stores will offer discounts etc….  Then the maker slows making the product and increases the price to continue making a profit and covering the cost of manufacture.  This will continue until the consumer must buy direct from the manufacturer for an expensive price.  Then if the request of the product becomes great or need great again the manufacturer may start making a lot of this product again. It is a continuous cycle. 

The major problem with this, from an environmental perspective is that everything made comes from resources.  If these resources become scarce, the price is going to continue to climb until no one can afford anything.   Then the owners of the resources stockpile the resources to let it build back up.  The people do not understand the reasoning behind this become angry, and sometimes wars can be started over the resources.  The population growth compounds this problem.

The best way I see to address the issue is to conserve resources, give to others that do not have much, fair trades between nations with these resources and educate our youth from a young age to conserve.


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Plastic of all kinds is made from oil. We live in a plastic world. There are way many things besides fuel that are made out of oil.

I think no one should be able to collect all the natural resources to sell. Only be able to sell what is made from the resources and then must be able to recycle what is made. Eventually as the population increases more and more rapidly the resources will be gone. Also there needs to be inventors finding ways to replenish resources faster. The only thing with that is it might mess with natural order of the universe or something. It might change the weather more rapidly or more storms, etc. What ever is decided needs to start now and be very careful.

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