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Final Paper-Social Effects of Television Media Throughout Generations


This is most like the worst of all papers written in my life since kindergarten.  The week before the last week the assignment was the draft for the final. On that one I did in less than five minutes. When it came to this one the final part I did in 10 minutes.  I am a work in progress indeed.  One of my goals is to become so good at writing that all my first drafts at everything I write are grammatically correct. I am not so much concerned with the spelling as the grammar.  The grammar part is what enables others including not from this country to comprehend what I am saying. It is so weird to me also that the ones knowing the proper english from other countries where english is not the first language, understand me more than people of the country where I am from????????????

Social Effects of Television Media throughout Generations


Conformity: Change in behavior belief

Everyday millions are sitting in front of a television.  Most homes have big flat panel screens and a television for at the least every person in the household if not one in every room.  I believe television has shaped our lives more than any other media outlet including internet, radio, and print.  Fads, Language, Stereotypes and personality have all been influenced. Some of the happiest times in my childhood are in front of a television.  Television has changed behaviors and beliefs of millions.

Conformity is usually defined as a change in behavior, belief, or both to conform to a group norm….” ( Griggs, R. “Psychology: A Concise Introduction, third edition”. Chapter 9 Social psychology p.324)



I was reminded last week of the slinky commercial with slinky climbing down the stairs while at Dave N Busters with my son. Back then everyone had a slinky. This was late 1970s. Early 80s was the start of MTV and parachute pants.  Yes you can definitely tell the style of dress of the 1980s has the imprint of MTV. Hammer pants were the next big fad.

“Homer Fesperman and Charles Weagley wrote the Slinky commercial jingle in 1962. It became the longest-running jingle in advertising history.

:What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound?

:A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it’s Slinky.

:It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky. For fun it’s a wonderful toy.

:It’s Slinky, it’s Slinky. It’s fun for a girl or a boy.

:It’s fun for a girl or boy!” (Walsh, Tim. (2005). ”Timeless Toys: Classic Toys and the Playmakers Who Created Them”. Andrews McMeel Publishing.)

Seeing an inanimate object seemingly walk is very enticing to everyone including the adults of the error.  During the years of robotics and space engineering, parents wanted their children to have that toy as much as the children asked for it. The group norm of the day was interested in making things move without touching.  The slinky commercial appealed to those senses by showing the slinky walking down  stairs.  Everyone around wanted it  though the toy  will get tangled to the point of disrepair in under five minutes time.  It’s amazing my son this month at Dave N Buster wanted slinky as his prize, and yes unfortunately the slinky only lasted five minutes.  Over 250 million slinkys have been sold and still growing.


What’s up Budweiser commercials influenced teenagers everywhere to yell across rooms everywhere “Wazzzzuuppp”.  What’s up became the new greeting for everybody at any place including church. What a way to put an end to the y2k scare  with a commercial.

 “6. Budweiser Wassup Budweiser’s “Wassup” ad campaign had meatheads everywhere acting mentally incompetent. It spurred a slew of parodies, including a 2008 politically-inspired remake by the original campaign’s director, Charles Stone III. Shares: 31,870” (, Top 10 most super bowl ads of all time, retrieved 12/18/2011)

Dora explorer and Sesame Street introduce Spanish language.  I learned from Sesame Street to count to 10 in Spanish and a few other things like agua for water. My son has picked up more from Dora the Explorer. He says Gracias, denada and como est ste with the proper accents.

“”It’s kind of like the ‘Dora the Explorer’ deal. You just use the Spanish word in place of the English word,” Cundiff said.”( . Retrieved 12/18/2011.

Repetition of the words through songs and word associations of adventures using a map help instill Spanish. I am going to start watching Dora myself. The Rosetta Stone is too expensive for me.


“We change our behavior to meet the expectations of others and to get acceptance of others”( Griggs, R. Psychology: A Concise Introduction, third edition. Chapter 9 p. 326)


Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch, Dennis the Menace, Andy Griffith all showed families with mom’s at home and dad’s going to work coming home to recliner. The shows re-ran over and over on the only 3 channels available back in the late 70s early 80s when woman were already becoming doctors and lawyers and men becoming nurses and chefs. The media kept this part out of public view. If media would have kept up to date with the times it would take less time for society to become sensitized to Mom’s working and dad’s helping around the house.

“Can TV influence children’s attitudes toward themselves and others?
Let’s take a look at what kids see on TV, and how it can affect their beliefs about race and gender:

  • Children learn to accept the stereotypes represented on television.  After all, they see them over and over.
  • When non-whites are shown on TV, they tend to be stereotyped.
  • A review of the research on gender bias shows that the gender-biased and gender-stereotyped behaviors and attitudes that kids see on television do affect how they see male and female roles in our society. 
  • Television and movies do not often show Asians or Asian Americans, and when they do, they fail to show the diversity in Asian American culture [28].
  • Thin women are disproportionately represented on TV.  The heavier a female character, the more negative comments were made about her [29]
  • In 1990’s commercials, white men more often were depicted as strong, while white women were shown as sex objects.  African American men more often were portrayed as aggressive and African American women, as inconsequential [30]
  • Ads for household items, like cleaning products, usually feature women [31].
  • G-rated movies are commonly viewed by younger children—often over and over on DVD, and perceived by parents as safe for little kids.  However, in these movies, whether live action or animated, males are shown more than females, by three to one, they are not often shown in relationships, and do not solve problems peacefully [32]

In G-movies, characters of color are under-represented, and are usually shown as sidekicks, comic relief, or bad guys.  Male characters of color are more aggressive and isolated [33]

Music videos over-represent black males as aggressors, and white females as victims, compared to actual demographic data [34]

To learn more, visit the Center for Media Literacy’s page on Stereotyping and Representation “. “( . Television and Children. Retrieved 12/18/2011)


 Cable television brought with it grouping of specific kinds of shows on one channel.  If you like a cartoon there is cartoon channel. For eaters or cookers the cooking channel. A news watcher there is CNN.  ESPN- sports network for you guessed it sports fans.  This seems to make it ok to belong to a group. Since the advent of cable groups are everywhere. Eating group, exercise group, football group, church group……etc….


Self-esteem, confidence and motivation is born watching the show Made.  Even though I can’t dance or sing at all something about watching American Idol makes me think I am not all that bad.  Dancing with the stars boost me up too– to see someone go from two left feet to dancing twirls gives me confidence to at least try in my home anyway.


“Simplistically self-esteem is the acceptance of ourselves for who and what we are at any given time in our lives.” ( . What is Self-Esteem?. Retrieved 12/18/2011)



“Having self-reliance; bold; undaunted”(  . Confidence meaning and definition, retrieved 12/18/2011.


“Motivation is “WHAT drives you” to behave in a certain way or to take a particular action. It is your WHY.” ( . Definition of Motivation, retrieved 12/18/2011) 

Compliance: Acting in accordance to direct request

“Compliance is acting in accordance to direct request from another person or group.”(Griggs, R. Psychology: A Concise Introduction, third edition. Chapter 9 p.327)

With television such an influence on behavior it has become one of the highest income markets to invest in.  Television persuades millions to buy, sell and trade through shopping networks, commercials, economy forecast using direct request right in your own home hundreds of times per day.

 Shopping Networks-

People are so busy going from home to work to school. Time switching channels between shows the shopping network always catches my eye. I most likely never buy from the television, but it entices me of what to buy when I do go my short jots to wal-mart or the market.  I catch myself on the jewelry aisle looking for what was seen on television. The models have something I don’t have and I want it. They use the foot in the door and then show things that others like over and over.


Commercials have enticed me countless times on what brands to buy.  Something about the squeeze the Charmin commercials had me buying that particular toilet paper above all others. Why?? The others are just as squeezable. Commercials have you thinking you are getting the best-the fluffiest, more, increased size, bigger, but “Squeezable” that one was random and totally caught off guard.  That’s-not-all technique works very well to get me to buy.


If television disappeared congress would definitely have to do another bail-out.  Television will never have to worry about bankrupt most likely due to not many can live without television anymore. When I made my move from travel nursing to permanent my son could live without furniture but not television.

Obedience:  Following commands

“Obedience is following the commands of a person in authority”(Griggs,R. Psychology: A Concise Introduction, third edition. Chapter 9 p.331)

Growing up in front of the tube, I learned to talk, walk and think like a sitcom…………..Talk shows fascinated me due to they talk about everything and anything that parents don’t or think is impolite to talk about.  Reality shows give new perspectives of places and relationships never explored before.


Sitcoms/soap operas

 Sitcoms show different personalities solving conflicts and adapting to environment. Many different perspectives are  in one episode of Golden Girls or The Nanny with operant conditioning abounding throughout.  And who can forget Family Matters?  You get perspectives like no others and smile so big.  You can clearly see how your deepest desires could become about.  Through their mess-ups I learn what totally not to do or maybe just a little different. 

Soap operas- I like the routine of getting to know the characters and follow their daily lives mine seems so flawless compared to theirs.  A never-ending tragedy one after another, how does anyone ever get work done? 

Talk shows

Oprah is my favorite since very young girl I would rush home from school and turn on to Oprah.  My advice I gained from her show.  Now that I am older I don’t agree with every advice I learned however.  At the time, it was the best advice ever for I had not gotten any from caregiver at all.   I have very much respect for Oprah.  I believe she has helped millions realize their full potential. Some very young hearts that were about to escape out of life without her realistic views on topics not talked about elsewhere.  I apologize I cannot write anymore.

Reality Shows

So many that mostly search for truelove.  Flavor of Love, The Bachelor, etc…… Love is within you.  Stop searching and love finds you.  Winnie The Pooh is one of my all-time favorite books.  Think like a pooh bear.   Love is like the tickle and rumble in your tummy with you everywhere that you go.  It will bubble up and have you laughing when you least expect it.



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This assignment I made an F.  When I got to the Oprah Winfrey part, I could not do anymore. I was going to do this big finnally great turning it in late with an A in the class. I got all choked up just like Chris Brown live during the awards for Michael Jackson.  If I would have included one more type of reference, it would have gained me 3 more points to get the A in the class with f on this paper. I could not do it.  I can say truly from my heart where ever you are I love you Oprah even though we have never met. 

Chris Brown you rock too. You put those professional back up dancers to shame.

“Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson tribute”

I completed the course and I have 87 in the class.

I feel ya Chris and Oprah and prob way more you have it in you that you should go on and do more than those that suffered and endured and made the way possible before you.  The real genuine sadness that comes from the heart.  Never be ashamed of those tears because that is way cool. Those tears are wanting to make it better for those after even at the means of not showing the best all the time.  I know actors and dancers and lots of em do not show their best lots of times because they know all about the role model things.  At the ending of sitcoms sometimes during the credits, you will see glimpse of it.  I love to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air during the credits.  Carlton Banks(Alfonso) doing the Dougie dance.  Not the sit-com but for real in some of the credits after the show Alfonso can dance like Fred Astaire.  Michael Jackson along with Alfonso made drinking Pepsi the coolest thing ever.

“July 16, 1984

Tap Dance Kid Alfonso Ribeiro Boogies in the Footsteps of Idol Michael Jackson

 As he waited to go onstage for his headlining role in the Broadway hit The Tap Dance Kid one night, Alfonso Ribeiro heard loud screams in the theater. Looking nervously out into the audience as the curtain rose, he quickly spotted the cause of the commotion. “It took me two seconds,” he recalls. “Then I saw Michael Jackson sitting about 10 rows back.”

It is not every day that Jackson comes out of seclusion to brave crowds of shrieking admirers, but he made an exception to see 12-year-old Ribeiro’s fancy footwork. Nominated for an Outer Critics Circle Award for his performance in the musical about a young black who passionately wants to be a dancer, Ribeiro has just finished seven months in the lead role and was featured in the opening number of the recent Tony Awards telecast. He has also matched moves with Jackson in a recent Pepsi-Cola commercial. Since then Ribeiro has agreed to do an album for Prism Records and signed with NBC to co-star with Ricky Schroder next fall on the sitcom Silver Spoons.

The son of a lieutenant at Sing Sing prison and a nurse, Ribeiro had no formal training in dance—except for occasionally working with an aunt who is a professional dancer. Alfonso’s school sent him to the Tap Dance audition when the show’s casting agency called. The eighth grader at Junior High School 141 in the Bronx trained almost a year with choreographers before the production opened.

Between the show and schoolwork, Alfonso now has little free time to indulge his passion for stickball (“I’ve only had two games this year!”), but there are compensations. A few months ago Michael Jackson invited Ribeiro to spend an afternoon with him in L.A. After lunch and a tour of the Jackson compound, the two ended up in Michael’s video arcade room. “I beat him at a couple of games,” boasts Ribeiro, a veteran of many pizza parlor Pac-Man wars. “Then I thought, ‘It’s his house. I better let him win.’ ” In the presence of a prince, after all, one doesn’t want to be told, “Beat it, tap dance kid.” “(PeopleMagazine.,,20197121,00.html . retrieved 01,09,2012.)

If it weren’t for tv, I would not be who I am. Back then no internet, 1986-87 first year highschool offered computer class. Could not get in.  By the time the last names start with s got to pick classes, they were full.  So if you see people with the last name starting with S with no computer skills age 41-42, well- please be tolerant.  The next generation has computerized television; wow what is accomplished with that is going to amaze me 🙂

Carlton Banks dancing to Oprah Winfrey theme song

Michael Jackson Tap Dancing

Tribute to Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson

Smooth Criminal

From Fred to Michael to Alfonso to Chris to who is next?   Television is foeva!!!!!!!!